Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture

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Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture


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Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture

Derby Dust’s Techs took a winning concept and the refined it to our liking.  What is left is the “Physics Lecture” car.  Full customization to your rules and build expertise.  This car design is my go to car when folks don’t want a plain slim wedge variant to get you into the winner’s circle.  Nice curves, and aggressive COG allow this car Design to fly down the track setting numerous records all the way to the District Level.  Always 100% legal when BSA slots are chosen.

If you don’t understand why, simple reason can be read in the hundredths of mathematical and science proven lecture series listed in the description below.  Great thing is a step by step guide is given on how to make this very car.

Scroll down past the options to learn more in the description.

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Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture

Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture is a true statistical winner.  The Techs at Derby Dust offer this racing design ready for final sanding and paint. We were the first custom shop that offers this college based design principle.  The tech’s have taken the guess work out of this build and offers the Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture with installed the weights with a desirable, balanced COG.   This pinewood derby car body will save you a few hours time in your build.  If you have limited tools, this Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture is a great first time or kitchen-doable build with a coping saw and drill.  No fancy tools, no complicated scroll cuts.  The foundation of this car can be found here.  The Tech’s have tweaked it to our final design that we offered for many years.

The body contains two weight pockets cut from the side.  Techs fill these pockets with molten lead and then cover with wood putty.  Optionally, techs will utilize two under pockets if tungsten is chosen as a weight ballast.    Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture is cut using CNC machines to ensure a repeatable product.  As of 2019, Derby Dust will no longer offer the car with the front end notched between the wheels.  Some inspectors my not pass a car due to the 1.75″ ruling.  Derby Dust still recommends shaving 1/16th off the dominant steer axle to ensure the rear wheels do not rub.

BSA LEGAL (most of the time)

Made from an official BSA pine block, Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture conforms to all Cub Scout rules.

  • 7″ in length
  • Minimum 3/8″ ground clearance
  • 1.75″ in width
  • Final weight to 120-125 g
  • Trimmed the wood away from the front wheel rub areas so you can make a rail rider if desired.
  • May utilize rear camber axles

Derby Dust® offer’s a proven winning  foundation to build your Champion. Our Pinewood Derby Car Body – Physics Lecture comes with the following:

  • Wheel base:  BSA slots, Drilled BSA distance, Extended Wheelbase.  KNOW YOUR RULES!
  • Balanced for max COG 1/2-3/4″ in front of rear axle
  • Sanded to 220 grit finish
  • Finish Kit which include, gap gauge, foil tape for covering holes, and #44 drill bit for proper wheel install without damaging your axle slots.
  • A 1.25″ diameter weight pocket on bottom of body may be present so you can add small amounts of weight to bring the car up to 5.0 oz

Pinewood Derby Car – Proper and BEST way to install wheels and Axles

Car Kit for this body is available here:

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