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Finished Pinewood Derby Car Body ready for final sanding and paint.  We did all the heavy lifting. This is probably the perfect car if you are short on time, don’t have tools or are not comfortable using tools. most of all the Cubber will finish off the champion.   Official BSA block that conforms to all Cub Scout rules.  Most noteworthy this pre-weighted car body does not include axles or wheels.

Derby Dust® offer’s a proven winning  foundation to build your Champion. Our completed finished Pine Wood Derby bodies come with the following:

  • Balanced for max COG
  • Wood Putty applied
  • Sanded to 220 grit finish
  • Foil Tape for weight holes
  • #44 drill bit for proper wheel install without damaging your axle slots.
  • Wheel base:  BSA slots, Drilled BSA distance, Extended Wheelbase.  KNOW YOUR RULES!
  • 1.25″ diameter weight pocket on bottom of body so you can add small amounts of weight to bring the car up to 5.0 oz

Why a Number #44 Drill bit?

Especially relevant to make your build experience better, we are including a #44 drill bit with this Finished Pinewood Derby Car Body.  Use this bit to pre-drill your axle holes prior to installation. In addition, #44 bit is best used with a pin vise also known as a manual hand drill.   By using this bit, you virtually eliminate any slot damage during axle installation.  In conclusion,  we fill if we can make the experience better; it is our job to provide it for you.

Full kits available.