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I am proud to announce that I have invested heavily into 3D printing in 2020.  3d printing is the future of manufacturing.  And Derby Dust is going to be a part of that process.  I am excited because 3D printing does not require expensive consumable shop supplies. It does not require $250K CNC machines.  It does not require loans, doesn’t not require insurance.  3d printing doesn’t require a vast knowledge of cutting speeds, tool geometry, order of operations.

With 3D printing, you simply take an idea, design it, print it, try again if it fails.  With 3d printing, you are out very little in expenses.  You can go from prototype to full blown manufacture in just a few days.  Days are gone where you have to wait for new tooling to arrive to try make new versions of the intial concept.  3d Printing simply an amazing manufacturing process.