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Thinking outside the box, Derby Dust ® Dry Lube ( Pinewood Derby ® Graphite ) was developed specifically for first time / novice builders who are buying supplies from an auto parts shop. Everyone can benefit if you choose to re-think ideas! Starting from the basics of speed, we have quickly complied a vast quantity of PWD knowledge at one site. However, we can’t do it without you! Please send us your thoughts and ideas!

We are sharing all the data what we can collect. Bookmark us, check back often for more data like:

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There are a problem with the BSA Wheels. I have very limited amount of sets left that are machinable that do not wobble.
Matched inner bore will not be available. #15 molds are no longer premium wheels. Please watch this video:

Just to be clear, I do not sell wheels that wobble. I will not sell junk wheels. I rather have no sales, than have my name associated with junk wheels.
The wheels that you see in the video are thrown away. They are not used.

BSA is aware of the problems, I am the second person to file formal complaint. Just remember I buy from same place you do.
I have been instructed by national scoutshop not to place another order for wheels. So at some point I will run out. I have no special inside line for a better product.


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