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This Easy EZ tune pinewood derby Car Kit is for the novice for first time builder that does not want to have to spend any time tuning their pinewood derby car.  The EZ car kit achieves maximum speeds by using center rail riding with pre-drilled camber axles holes instead of using bent axles for tuning.  Derby Dust® techs use the Goat Boy Drill Station to drill at the proper angles to have a champion rail runner car with no bent axles!  All you have to do is finish the body and push in the straight axles!  It is that simple.

EZ Tune YouTube Video

Customize according to your Pack Rules

Easy EZ tune Pinewood Derby Car Kit comes with options that include the high performance Derby Dust® line of wheels and axles to ensure you have the best products to build your car with.

Easy EZ tune Pinewood Derby Car Kit:

  • Pre drilled for a rail runner with NO TUNING!!!
  • Wheel base options:  Axle Slots, Drilled Axle Holes at BSA slot distance, Extended wheelbase
  • Fast aerodynamic body designs for top speeds
  • Tungsten or Lead weights based on your budget
  • Fully Customize Speed wheel and axle selections based on your rules.
  • Gap Gauge, and Axle push rod included.
  • Complete and easy instructions for building a champion car.  YouTube and written instructions.


Is this kit as fast as a hand-tuned car?   NO it is not as fast as a hand-tuned car.  A hand-tuned car is adjusted to the proper point to where the car barely crosses center at a given point.  A pre-drilled car needs to be certain that it will ride the center strip.  As a result the car is slightly over-steered which will reduce the maximum speed that it could attain.

*Please note, the Pitstop Drill Guide shown in video has been discontinued.  The EZ Kit will no longer come with this tool.