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Getting Started With The Pinewood Derby ®

The Pinewood Derby has a long tradition. For years, groups such as Boy Scouts of America ® and Awana ® have been participating in the Pinewood Derby ®, racing homemade cars on specially created tracks. This particular tradition is rooted in a history dating back to the 1950s and has continued on today as an activity rooted in family fun and bonding with one another to create a meaningful experience. In this article, here's a thorough rundown on the history, importance, and current rules and activities that are associated with the Pinewood Derby ®. Not only this, but we also

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New Derby Dust Dry Lube Applicator

We have decide to move to the classic poly tube for our packaging needs.   With more and more business moving to amazon, we needed to reduce the size of our biggest selling item as it was taking up too much warehouse space at amazon, thus increasing its overall costs.   We have reduced the size of the applicator.  Still 0.25oz of product.  For those that are ordering 1oz, we will still keep the old style baffle and tube system for that until we run out of baffle applicators. Although we loved the baffle style applicator, it was also impossible to brand.

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Derby Dust Has Gone Solar!

To help do our part!  We have added a 10kw solar system to our shop.  Although we will never be 100% neutral, we are doing our best to help offset things.  With 10xcnc machines online we will always have power requirements that we can not meet.   But we are trying.....  cant wait for full Texas Summer to see how much this thing will really produce!

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The History of the Pinewood Derby

One of the oldest and most notable organizations in the U.S. has to be the Boy Scouts of America, or Scouts BSA. And with a member list that includes astronauts, presidents, filmmakers, athletes (just to name a few), it’s a well-earned reputation. Of course, within this gigantic organization, there are subcategories, one being the Cub Scouts – a sort of young version of BSA. As it turns out, Cub Scouts have one of the most time-honored traditions of the BSA as a whole – the Pinewood Derby. The Pinewood Derby isn’t as old as the Boy Scouts, which started in

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New Oil to Replace the discontinued Krytox GPL-100

We have purchased a few oils to replace the Discontinued Krytox GPL-100 series. We now carry Nyoil which was the first oil to be thoroughly tested and found to have great results. We have also started testing our own silicone based racing oils.  Less viscosity than that of GPL-100.  Nontoxic, odorless, does not harm plastics.  Will follow up with results as we get them.    

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Pinewood Derby Wheels Wobble – How to Check

Pinewood Derby Wheels Wobble - How to Check So I have been asked to show Pinewood Derby Wheels Wobble - How to Check.  This is the easiest done with a solid axle.  I suggest get 3x the amount of wheels that you need since there is a 40% failure rate for each set.  If you have 12 wheels, math says you'll have at least 1 good set.  Yes winning does cost money.  And winning does require extra effort. Once you have your 12 molds.  Time to Spin them.  Find out which wheels get to move on to the next phase

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How to Choose Fast Pinewood Derby Wheels

How to Choose Fast Pinewood Derby Wheels Wheels are one of the most controversial modifications when it comes to PWD because so many different things can be done to them that make them better than what comes in the box.  A good set of wheels is the utmost important for speed. Lighter wheels are faster.  Round, true wheels are faster.  The lighter the wheel the less rotational inertia and the faster your car can move.  How to Choose Fast Pinewood Derby Wheels is not a secret.  A builder just needs to look at the dsetails.  These modifications require specialized tooling

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Why Pure Graphite is Best for Pinewood Derby Car

Why Tungsten and Moly are NOT good Additives for PWD Dry Lube Graphite is the key to a winning dry lube.  Plain and simple.  Important things to know about graphite is Particle Size (mesh--large flake to super fine) Hardness (does it easily smear, or is there a gritty feeling left), and Purity (if its not 100%, what is the filler). Anything else added to graphite, makes it slower.  Period. Tungsten is harden than graphite, so addition of tungsten to a graphite blend only adds an abrasive (tungsten is harder than your steel axle.  Think about it).  The addition of Moly makes any dry

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How to Make a Fast Pinewood Derby Car

How to Make a Derby Car Faster How to Make a Fast Pinewood Derby Car With your automobile, you look for the best parts to increase speed and performance.  The way different parts are made, shaped, and finished all make a difference in your car’s performance.  The same goes for a simple Derby Car.  Derby car racing is a great way for kids to learn about mechanics and speed – and no different than your automobile, the parts make a big difference. How to Make a Fast Pinewood Derby Car?  Derby Dust makes sure to carry only the finest derby

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New Pinewood Derby Dry Lube Tip

Let's face it, we complained too.  When using the old style tip there was a high chance when you tried to squeeze / puff the graphite, it liked to compact and jam up.  We finally figured out if you simply bumped it, it would come out way better.  We even made a how-to-video to explain that process.  In the mean time, we were designing a new tip to use with out unique baffle bottle system. We were able to come up with a new design tip that meets our needs.  Graphite simple pours out now when turned sideways.  the tip

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Best Pinewood Derby Wheels molds post Summer 2018

Best Pinewood Derby Wheels Hello All.  Just a quick update about the subject of Best Pinewood Derby Wheels.  I just processed 2000 wheel sets purchased from  They do have the new labeling.  Wheels seem to be same production as before.  When compared to previous mold benchmarks.  So hard to say if it is a new batch of wheels or if its an old batch that has been relabeled.  Results are as followed. For you to have the Best Pinewood Derby Wheels, you need to start with a good foundation.  I did not go into great detail in measurements of

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Derby Dust Hub Shaver

Possibly the most over looked tool on the market right now.  Nearly 10 years into the wheel molds, nearly every wheel has some sort of flaw.  Most common flaw to date that will cause wheel wobble will be the uneven outer hub.  Pictured are two factory flaws that are pretty common even with the "best" of molds.  This uneven surface causes uneven rotation, which translates to wheel wobble.  You are in luck, there is a DIY tool that will fix this.  The Derby Worx Pro Hub Shaver.   What we have done is resurfaced this hub for a smooth, flat, 


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