Pinewood Derby Wheel Tester Stand – Check for Wobble

Pinewood Derby Wheels Wobble - How to Check Pinewood Derby Wheels Wobble are a very common issue.  Derby wheels are made with an injection molding process.  Because they are not machined from raw material, flaws such as concentricity (wobble) will cause a wheel to wobble because the bore is not aligned with the outer diameter.  other manufacturing issues are present as such the plastic can blister due to heat of the mold or moisture content in the plastic chips. Those blisters cause imperfections in the wheel. Imperfections increase friction. In 2009 BSA produced a new wheel mold. With the improvements

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Pinewood Derby Axles – Fast Speed How to Guide for Cars

Pinewood Derby Axles The Pinewood Derby requires your cub to know about their axles and their track if they want to win. Our axles are designed to generate as little friction as possible as the wheels rotates. This is critical. Whether that friction comes from the wheels or the axles or even the center rail, choosing the right axle shape can mitigate the issues with your car that are robbing you of speed. Precious speed that is critical in gaining a competitive edge. Rail Rider® Axles Rail rider® style axles are a Derby Dust favorite. These axles are great because

Free Pinewood Speed Tips

Free Pinewood Speed Tips The products and construction methods below will maximize the performance of your Derby car.  Before building your car using these Free Pinewood Speed Tips, please consult your local derby rules as some methods and/or products may not be allowed. Free Tip #1 Reducing Contact Surface Area One important thing you can do to improve the performance of your car is to reduce the contact surface area between the wheel and the axle. This is especially important if you are using a liquid lubricant.  Figure 1 shows how to reduce the contact surface area.      

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Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Derby Tools The Pinewood Derby is a Cub Scout tradition, and you want your cub to enjoy the experience. That means you need some specialized Pinewood Derby tools to help them in making a solid car that they can enjoy racing against their pack. Pinewood Derby Bodies Everyone creates their car body from woodblocks of the same dimensions. However, part of the fun is helping your cub balance the car looking cool with being aerodynamic. Whether you’re starting from scratch or from a pre-made body, a Pinewood Derby tool pack is essential. Your cub will complete most of the

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Pinewood Derby Award Ideas

Pinewood Derby Award Ideas Here are some great Pinewood Derby Award Ideas for your next Pinewood Derby® event.  This will allow everyone a chance at coming out a winner winner chicken dinner for all the hard work.  While it will always be a satisfying feeling to get a nice ribbon or trophy for winning a pinewood derby race, it is also nice to get a more personalized award.  We recognize that a pinewood derby win feels more like a victory when you receive a personal pinewood derby award certificate specific to the racer.   A nice certificate with gold foil will

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Live Stream Pinewood Derby

Live Stream Pinewood Derby Social distancing has brought new challenges to decade-old events.  The answer to today's issue is a very simple one - Live Stream Pinewood Derby.  Most of us understand the importance during this time, however it does not mean that we can not complete what we have done in the past. We are a great nation and people. Where there is a problem, there is always someone who finds a way to overcome. Derby Dust, working with Derby Worx, is going to make a FREE guide to help all packs keep the derby tradition alive. And I

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Amazon is doing what to Pinewood Derby?

Everyone in Pinewood Derby please take notice.  Amazon is placing holds on all inbound shipping from all sellers in all corners of retail from food to pinewood derby.  Please review the following statement from Amazon. Because of this we are no longer allowed to ship inventory to AMAZON PRIME as of July 24th.  As no seller understands how Amazon comes up with this inventory number, we are very uncertain if we will be able to ship items into Amazon for the 2020-2021 season.  We will still sell on this platform via fulfilled by merchant (us), however our products might

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Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7

Our light weight Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7 with Tungsten Dome is constantly being innovated and improved by the expert techs at Derby Dust®. Most of all we like to bring a few new body styles into the market every year. Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7 is designed to mimic the style of the extended wheelbase #4 Canopy Car. We are so excited about the body design, we are showing the design before production. Here is our new design Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #7 with tungsten canopy setup. The body design, weight placement, center of gravity, alignment and aerodynamics are

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Derby Dust 3D Print Lab

Derby Dust 3D Print Lab Derby Dust 3D Print manufacturing is represents the absolute cutting edge in technology. With boundless potential applications this thrilling technological innovation has a bright future and is certainly here to stay.  It's no longer a thing for the super technical.  It's no longer the "hackers" hobby niche. The machines that are on the market today are not the same machines that came out 5 years ago.  3D FDM (or fused deposition modeling) software is more powerful, easier to use,  faster, profoundly more efficient than it has ever been.  Complex designs can be printed with a

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Pinewood Axle Install Remover

Pinewood Axle Install Remover Pinewood Axle Install Remover where have you been for the past 50 years? Who knew that hammering axles was bad?  First I simply thought of the car body.  How hammering splits the wood and I can really never get the axles to go in straight.  Then I started realizing I was also BENDING the axles if I didn't hammer them just right.  I thought to myself there is just has to be a way to push them in. I came up with a few designs of an axle pusher which was simply a rod with concave

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Center Gravity Mass Balance Stand

Center Gravity Mass Balance Stand Say good-bye to single use tools with Derby Dust's Center Gravity Mass Balance Stand.  As always Derby Dust tries to make the best of a tool to make it do more than one thing.  We first came up with a jig to allow you to install wheels without damaging the wheels you just put on.  I printed it and as soon as it came off the bed I was like I'm going to add a COG Mass Balance stand to it. Pinewood Derby Wheel Install Jig Age old problem solved with one tool.  Install your

Pinewood Axle Drill Jig

Pinewood Axle Drill Jig Pinewood Axle Drill Jig the best Axle Drill guide we offer.  Use the key for BSA slots for perfect axle alignment.  Omit the key if you are using a block without slots.  Slightly over sized because we know there are rarely any blocks perfectly 1.75″ in width.  Make sure to register the same side against the Guide when not using key for drilling.   Use pin vise for years of use.  Can be used with drill with ease. 3 degree rear camber 0 degree Drill High Wheel #44 Drill bit included The BSA Slot Problem… Pinewood Axle

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