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Pinewood Derby League Car Designs

Pinewood League Car Kit – Model A


Pinewood Derby League Car Designs

Pinewood League Car Kit – Model B


Derby Dust now offers a few proven designs of Pinewood League Car Kit. These cars are designed after the adult pinewood derby racing leagues. An entry level car with high performance parts. This car is ready for HIGH speeds. Tech’s at Derby Dust have packaged lightweight wafer cars with aerodynamic fins to reduce drag. Available with a low profile lead weight topper or tungsten for ultimate push. League cars are a great start at getting that needed advantage in a competitive track.

Derby Dust's league bodies are the some of the fastest, lightest weight, and low profiles pinewood derby designs on the market! Utilizing 65w CO2 Boss Laser and LightBurn software, there is not too much the Derby Dust techs can't design or make. As always we utilize REAL Ponderosa Yellow Pine, the exact same wood used in the official BSA KITS.

League cars are some of the fastest Pinewood Derby cars designs on the market today. League cars use wafer body frames with aerodynamic fenders, heavy low profile pinewood weights. As such this application of physcis allows us to create unique designs that are winning pack races, district races, council races, and national championships.

Pinewood Derby Bodies from Derby Dust

Precut pine wood bodies ready for you to make your CHAMPION Pinewood Derby car. Derby Dust PWD cut bodies are for use in BSA Pinewood Derby, league, Pinecar, and Awana races.

  • Laser cut from REAL Ponderosa Yellow Pine
  • Low profile Bodies
  • Laser cut derby bodies and areo fins
  • Designed for optimum weight placement (infinitely adjustable for you tracks needs)
  • Low center of mass with either tungsten weighs or our flat lead canopy
  • Designed with BSA Slots or Drilled Axle Holes. Derby Dust can drill your axle holes for you using a precision cnc drill guide for dead straight axles holes that are not over-sized because of run-out. If you are desiring the best axle holes, have Derby Dust drill your axles holes.
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