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Pinewood Derby Fast Speed Wheels

Perfect Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels (x4 wheels)


3D Printed Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Derby Wheel Wobble Test Stand Tool


Pinewood Derby Fast Speed Wheels

1 GRAM BSA Pinewood Wheels Derby Racing Speed


Pinewood Derby Fast Speed Wheels

Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – Black Ops


Pinewood Derby Fast Speed Wheels

Pinewood Derby Speed Wheel – 2.05g


Derby Dust® Raises The Bar For Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels

We deal with our customers directly, not with vendors. Because of this we get crucial feedback and communication necessary to make pinewood derby speed wheels that customers want, not just make customers buy what we make.  Derby Dust® made the industry get rid of sloppy machining because that is what customers wanted! We also found that customers need options. Not all pack rules are the same. And because of this, we allow you to build your wheel according to what we've programmed to machine: hundreds of variations of wheels available. While participating in PWD racing events, you have to be confident in reliability of your car parts. At our store, you can find race-inspired accessories of various types. Paired with our pinewood derby speed wheels and your car will get a tremendous boost owing to:
  • Optional perfect inner bores, which eliminate binding along with wobbling and ensure the smooth ride.
  • CNC lathed wheels to ensure they will always have the beaded wheel tread without the mold marks.
  • Lightweight construction and precise machining. To unleash all the potential of your car, weight-reduced pinewood derby wheels will decrease rotational inertia allowing to have quicker starts.
  • Unmatched polishing. When opting for a pinewood derby speed wheel, racers can additionally select race ready polished bores done by Derby Dust® Tech's. Keep in mind that even minor scratches can lead to an increase in friction.  As a result, undesired friction will slow down your roll.

Derby Dust® Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels Include:

  • Hand sorted for Flaws
  • Each Wheel is Visually Inspected before and after Machining
  • Matched Inner Bore or Molds Available
  • Customized Outer Hubs
  • CNC lathed for maximum accuracy and repeatablitly
The Derby Dust® Facts!
  • AMAZON BRANDED! Our Products are unique!
  • All wheels are RACE READY right out of the package!
  • Derby Dust® wheel lathes only cut pinewood derby wheels.  No other jobs, no other runs. Dedicated precision lathes with low run production cycles ensure accurate, repeatable results.  Lead Screw Accuracy .0005"
  • Proprietary tooling manufactured locally
  • We use one of a kid fixture (clamping) for our production line that we manufactured in house.  We do not use mass produced part holders made in China.
  • Derby Dust® offers OPTIONS, suited to your needs.  Many other's DO NOT.  They have to sell the same product that everyone else sells.
  • Derby Dust® purchases wheels directly from  We take no discount.  Pinewood Derby wheels made in the USA.
  • Derby Dust quality control measures ensures that you get the best possible wheel that we offer.   A lot of the wheels are scrapped in favor of only the absolute very best wheels. This means better quality wheels for you!  Our loss is to ensure that you get the best possible product.
Note: Better wheels are only one of many factors that make a fast car. Good wheels alone may not improve your speeds. When designing your car, there are several key issues to consider that includes the efficiency of all the parts put together. Using these known tricks (like tungsten weights or speed axles) will result in a fast pinewood derby car that looks and performs better.
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