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First Pinewood Derby Build

New to Pinewood Derby?  Is it your First Pinewood Derby Build? Don’t know where to start?  Been reading all the league racing forums in search of answers only to get lost in all the terminology?

In the past few years Pinewood Derby has been trending towards League Racing. These days it is not uncommon to see these super aggressive, ultra light weight car bodies that we all know were not made by a 12 year old scout.  Whatever it takes to win!

As there is nothing wrong with PWD league racing.  However, the once a year builder does not understand all the build techniques.  Nor do they know the terminology used for racing. First Pinewood Derby Build do not have the specialized tooling.  First time pinewood derby builders simply do they realize these league racers build sometimes 100 cars to race in just one race.  New builders try to accomplish the same tasks in 24 hours that these guys take weeks, months of preparation to obtain.

We would like to go Back to Basics (B2B).  Our focus on new products will be at the entry / beginner level.    An affordable car kit that the average person can put together quickly in a 24 hour span and still get a good car.  The car may not be the fastest car, but it’s easy to put together and it’s affordable.  A kit even your scout can put together!

Why Back to Basics?

B2B kits are designed for the first time builders.  They include the classic shapes that I grew up on in the past.  These kits, are a little more blocky, a little more wood.  A little more sanding as these bodies will primarily be cut with scroll saw instead of cnc routers to help reduce the costs.  They are not going to be perfect.  Expect some dings.  Expect your Tiger, and Bobcat to do some sanding.

By doing this we make the car just a little more personal to get the final product.   Derby Dust will do the heavy lifting for you.  Pockets for weight placement, replacement axles that need no work, wheels that are round and smooth ready to race machined by Derby Worx.   All you need to do is sand paint and assemble.

Knowing that a growing number of parents do not want to use lead, we will offer our kits with lead free stick on weights.  We will make sure these weight do not interfere with the minimum track clearance required by racing standards.

Back To Basics (B2B)

B2B Pinewood Car Kits

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