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There’s a lot going on during a Pinewood Derby competition.  Derby Dust offers Pinewood Derby Wood Blocks, fenders, balsa slabs parts.  Each derby driver is not only trying his best to win each of his races but to have a car that looks good doing it!

Derby Dust offers some unique wood products to help you with your race:

  • rough cut ponderosa pine slab block ready for planing
  • cnc laser balsa aerodynamic fenders in various designs
  • finished 1/4″ slab block ready for a super wafer racer
  • over-sized balsa slabs used to add more wood to your build with minimum wood weight to ensure you stay within legal limits.
  • Kiln Dried Yellow Pondersoa Pine Blocks

It’s possible to design a speedy, plain-looking racer using just the most basic Pinewood Derby Blocks. Most competitors will spend quite a bit of time working on their car’s appearance with paint, decals and custom Pinewood Derby parts.   Derby Dust offers Pinewood Derby Blocks Fenders needed to give you the extra bling for your ride.  Whether you need parts for speed.  Or you need some extra wood block parts for bling.  We want to help your entry to be awesome!

Our aerodynamic pinewood fender designs are developed with the latest research and track testing resulting in fenders proven to provide speed gains. CNC designed, track tested, proven results,  because of this we can streamline our race times.  As we all know aerodynamics are essential in producing the fastest pinewood derby cars.  Our new pinewood balsa fenders have been engineered to provide the aerodynamics advantage for your Champion Derby car.