Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body

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Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body


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Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body

Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body designed by Derby Dust Techs offer a fresh alternative to the Awana® racer.  Wing design based on the principles of reduced drag both over the top and under the body.  A bit heavy on the overall wood weight.  Faster by design that the Big Wedge, the wing body design  can be accomplished with very little tooling.  This Awana®  pinewood derby car is made out of  a kiln dried pine block of wood to reduce its overall weight when compared to the stock poplar block.  We then CNC cut the wing profile.  Two weight pockets on the bottom of the car body.

Awana® axles are larger in diameter than BSA axles.  As such, you will need to be certain you are ordering the correct body style for your axles.  If you do not know what Awana® is, then this is NOT the body style you need. Awana® and BSA parts are NOT interchangeable.    AWANA® is organization not a made up name for a body style.

Awana® is a Registered Trademark of Awana Clubs International. Machine Envy, LLC is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Awana Clubs International.

In stock

Wheel Base

Important Decision. Check your rules!

Type of weight

Camber Rear Axles

Would you like you rears drilled at 3 degrees camber for straight axles?


Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body

Derby Dust offers the Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body ready for final sanding and paint.   With most of the heavy work done by Derby Dust tech’s, we leave the final details to your Racer.  Therefore rather doing it yourself, you can opt to use a Derby Dust® body prepared by one of our specialized tech’s to help you save time with your build.

Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body utilizes properly installed, balanced weights along, precision drilled axle holes.  Sanded to a 120 grit after wood putty is applied.  Using precision drill guides, the axles holes are drilled perfectly perpendicular to the body and parallel to the other side for fastest and easiest tuning.

In contrast Derby Dust® improves Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body design by using a lighter pine block than the factory poplar block. The car has an average COG at 3/4-1″ in front of the rear axle  Rail Riding is highly suggested for maxim speed with for all possible car design.   Likewise Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body does not utilize an under pocket unless weighted with tungsten cubes.  Beautiful curved profile for minimum air drag.   Two rear weight pockets filled with molten lead are covered with wood putty to bring this car body to proper weight.


Made from an official pine block, Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body conforms to most rules:

  • 7″ in length
  • 1.75″ in width
  • Weight to 120-125g
  • Removed wood away from the front wheels where rub may occur
  • Average rear height is just over .75″
  • Balanced for max COG
  • Axles holes drilled 3/32″ in diameter
  • Sanded to 120 grit finish
  • Finish Kit which include, gap gauge, foil tape for covering holes, and #44 drill bit for proper wheel install without damaging your axle slots.  SEE VIDEO
  • Wheel base:  Drilled BSA distance or Extended Wheelbase  KNOW YOUR RULES
  • 1.25″ diameter weight pocket on bottom of body may be present

Complete Car Kits available



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There are a problem with the BSA Wheels. I have very limited amount of sets left that are machinable that do not wobble.
Matched inner bore will not be available. #15 molds are no longer premium wheels. Please watch this video:

Just to be clear, I do not sell wheels that wobble. I will not sell junk wheels. I rather have no sales, than have my name associated with junk wheels.
The wheels that you see in the video are thrown away. They are not used.

BSA is aware of the problems, I am the second person to file formal complaint. Just remember I buy from same place you do.
I have been instructed by national scoutshop not to place another order for wheels. So at some point I will run out. I have no special inside line for a better product.