Pinewood Derby Car Kits

The key to winning the derby race is starting out with the correct Pinewood Derby Car Kits parts. Making fast speed parts correctly takes time, tooling, and experience. Consequently, customers are sometimes short, lacking one or many. Because of this, the customer gets what they put into it. Because each part matters when making a derby car kit, a failure in just one of these parts can make the difference between not placing and being the overall winner. Most of all, the customer might not even be aware that there might be a problem.

This is where the our custom pinewood shop helps. Let Derby Dust® do the leg work for you, so you can do the fun work with your cub scout. The techs offer complete, custom, ready to race pinewood derby car kits to make a winner. In addition to a custom car body, customers choose polished axles, fast speed wheels, graphite, wheel bore polish - all the tricks needed to beat the others are just a click away!

Stay Legal, Know Your Rules!

The rules of local events sometimes differ from those of BSA box rules. Due to this, it is necessary to know your rules before choosing our unique modifications for your Pinewood Derby Car Kits. Each pack's rules will be different. We ask before you make a purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need.

Proven Process 

Feedback shows that our Derby Car Kits and parts work. Derby Dust® customers make champions year after year!

Our Pinewood Car Kits utilize the 7 principles of fast pinewood derby cars. Customers know they have the best parts so that they can build their winner. Read our guide on building a winning car!


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