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This Easy EZ tune pinewood derby Car body is for the novice derby builder that does not have any desire to invest time into tuning (adjusting) their pinewood derby racer. The EZ tune car accomplishes fast speeds by utilizing the rail riding rider technique with pre-bored camber axles as opposed to utilizing bent axles for manual tuning.

Especially relevant Derby Dust® specialists utilize the Goat Boy Drill Station to mill precision axles holes at 3 degree angles to have a champion rail rider with no bent axles! As a result you simply complete the body and push in the straight axles! It is that EZ easy.  Most of all you get perfect wheel and axle install in 5 minutes.  Therefore no tuning knowledge is needed.  This EZ tune pinewood derby car body should be illegal.

EZ Easy Tune YouTube Video

Many options to choose from to comply to your pack rules.

  • EZ tune Pinewood Derby Car Body options include:
  • Pre-bored axles holes for a rail rider with NO TUNING!!!
  • Wheel base alternatives:  Standard BSA Axle Slots, Drilled Axle Holes at BSA distance, Extended wide wheelbase
  • Low profile, minimum drag, light weight profiles
  • Tungsten or Lead weights

Currently only available in 3-wheel riding option.  4th wheel rider can be accomplished by following techniques in this video:  4th Wheel Ghost Riding Wheel

YouTube and written instructions provided.


Is an EZ tune car as fast as a hand-tuned car?  Consequently NO it is not as fast as a hand-tuned car because a hand-tuned car is adjusted to the proper point to where the car barely crosses center at a given point.  Rather an EZ tune pre-drilled car needs to be certain that it will ride the center strip.  As a result the car is slightly over-steered which will reduce the maximum speed that it could attain.