Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits — “Physics Lecture”


  • Rated “Best Choice″ for 2016. For seven years in a row this is our FASTEST Pinewood Derby car and our #1 top selling Pinewood Derby Car Kit. The “Physics Lecture” car has won hundreds of pack and district derbies nation wide.  It even has it’s very own college lecture!  Click here to read about it!

The body design, weight placement (COG), axle alignment, and aerodynamics are all optimized for top performance. Get the complete Easy-to-Build kit with the necessary components to build a precision engineered racing machine and blow the door off the competition.  Our pinewood derby kits come complete even with a #44 for drill bit and fine weight adjustments.

As you can see there are a bunch of options.  Please do not get overwhelmed.  Each option has a paragraph explaining in detail.  

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Wheel Base * 

Rear Axle Camber

Would you like your rear axles drilled at 3 degrees?

Type of weight

Type of weight

polish level

Axle Polish Level


Would you like axles sealed with DuPont™ Krytox Coating®

Super Tuner™ Axles

Super Tuner™ Axles – machined flat head slot in axle head

Camber Axles

Run your Car on Camber Wheels with bent axles?


1.5 degree Steering Axle? Do not select if choosing camber axles


Type of Wheels

Mold Match

Mold Match Wheels?

Wheel Polish Kit / Service

Would you like your Wheel to be polished and prepped for Racing. Outer and Inner bore service

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