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Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Builder’s Tool Pack


Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Derby Tool Pack


3D Printed Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Axle Drill Guide – H03S

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Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Master Tool Pack


3D Printed Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Slot Drill Guide


3D Printed Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Weight Drill Guide


3D Printed Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Derby Center Gravity Mass Test Stand


3D Printed Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Derby Center Gravity Mass Test Stand


3D Printed Pinewood Derby Tools

Pinewood Derby Wheel Wobble Test Stand Tool


Pinewood Derby Car Tools

Pinewood Derby Car tooling tools are a need to-have whether or not you're racing with a pre-made vehicle kit or beginning from scratch with an official BSA pinewood block. Derby Dust new line of 3d Printed tooling are the upgrades you need to get the job done right. Or you can choose the patented Derby Worx line. Rest assured they are all designed to get you in the winner's circle.

The Right Pinewood Derby Car Tools To Get You First Across The Finish Line - And Strong Enough To Last A Lifetime

  1. From building special moments with your kids to fine-tuning first-place finishing PWD cars, specialized tooling is a must-have for accomplishing your derby goals
  2. Based on over 15 years of experiencing helping racers fly down the track, our tools help with alignment, axles, wheels, derby body modifications, and more
  3. Made to last, these specialized Pinewood Derby Tools are an affordable investment into legacy tools that can be used for generations

Must-Have Tools For Beginners To Contenders, Pinewood Derby Car Tools Help You Make Alignment Changes And Wheel, Axle, and Derby Body Modifications

Pinewood Derby Racing may not quite be Indy 500, but if you’re trying to make it into the winner’s circle, you’ll need your own pit crew.

(Even if that pit crew happens to be you!)

After all, we believe in DDIY (Derby Do-It-Yourself) because when you can build it and fix it yourself, it makes the wins that much better.

Having the right Pinewood Derby Car Tools on hand is important no matter what your experience level or time commitment. Whether you’re racing from a pre-made vehicle kit or beginning from scratch with an official BSA pinewood block, the right tools in your hands is a big step toward that first-place finish.

Tooling can help you achieve a more desirable racing center of gravity, ensure that each of our wheels is consistently matched, or even let you build your winning Pinewood Derby Car from scratch.

Now it’s simply a question of which tools you’re going with!

With Over A Decade Of Experience, These Derby Worx Pinewood Derby PRO Tools Are The Industry Standard For Top-Notch Performance

Did we mention these tried-and-test tools are also patented? Reduce the work ready to get your pinewood derby car in race-day shape with this collection of industry-leading tools:

  • The perfect axle alignment tool
  • Tool to true wheel imperfections
  • Extract wheels and axles with our pinewood pliers
  • Drill camber axles/wheels guide
  • Prep, straighten and bend axles for racing
  • Drill holes pockets for weight placement guide tooling
  • Balance center of gravity (COG) with mass beam stand tool

But when you want to push the limits and build an honest-to-goodness champion, you have to go for something special. Our Derby Dust techs want to help you get there, and have designed some top-of-the-line derby tooling that is only available here.

They include:

  • Drill bits
  • Pinewood derby axle drill jigs
  • Specialized pinewood derby axle files
  • Axle polish
  • Tuning supplies
  • Pin vise

For additional performance, you’ll want to consider:

  • A Pinewood Derby scale - ideal for staying at and being mindful of the max weight limit, since the rules require your car fit certain weight specifications.
  • A Pinewood Derby hub tool - improve accuracy and reduce the friction of your wheel hubs
  • The Derby Dust axle set - with an axle alignment tool, body slotters, axle pullers, and a Pinewood Derby axle guide, you’ll be flying straight and true

While you may have certain tools needed already on hand, such as needle-nose pliers, many of these tools are specific to building a Pinewood Derby car. We’ve got the best for less!

The Tool to Making Your Pinewood Derby Car Experience Even Better

Simply put, our various tool kits let you get as involved as you like in the Pinewood Derby Car experience, whether you go with our Pinewood Builder’s Tool Pack to dip your toes in or jump all in the way in the deep end with our Pinewood Derby Master Tool Pack. Each is an investment that pays off with rewards of winning performances and the satisfaction of having gotten there through your own efforts.

That’s the pleasure of DDIY - and it’s even sweeter when shared with clubs, friends, and family.

For the ultimate in Pinewood Derby Car performance, you’ll want your own set of tools. Check out the options below to see which are best for you!

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