Pinewood Derby Speed Axles

We are getting ready for the upcoming 2017 pinewood derby racing season. Have you began to think about your cubber’s build yet?

Check out our polished ready to race pinewood derby speed axles. Paired with our polished and prepped pinewood derby speed wheels it’s a killer combination that will be hard to beat. Follow our pinewood derby tuning process and you’ll be car lengths ahead of the competition.

We offer polished axles starting at the 2000 grit wet polished level and offer up to 100,000 grit diamond polished.

Using the industry’s only computer controlled CNC buffing machine, we can assure that each axle is exactly polished the same.
Same pressure, same angle of entry and exit, and same mount of time on each buffing wheel to ensure a consistent product.
A consistent product ensures consistent results.
Plain and simple.

Derby Dust utilizes custom designed CNC machines, and propriety programs to make nearly every PWD item it offers. We are the ONLY vendor that sells CNC polished axles. Watch our YouTube video of the 9 step process. Custom CNC machine designed, built, and programmed by Blair. See what previous customers say about our products!