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Derby Dust® techs offer your cub scout pinewood derby car body rough cut unfinished ready to be sanded.  These bodies come right off the cnc machine.  We inspect all bodies for manufacturing flaws prior to packaging.  Furthermore, you need to spend about an hour or less hand sanding to get them ready for paint, less if you have power sanders such as a belt sander or orbital palm sander.

Since these bodies are rough cut they are less expensive.  They are great projects for your scout.  Take note, these bodies are not at weight.  Please properly plan for this.  Most bodies weigh less than 20 grams.  Add another 105-110 grams of weight to bring to proper racing specs.

Rough cut means there will be milling marks, slight uneven surface because the wood is cut in both directions.  We usually use 80 grit sandpaper followed by 220.  Tech tip: Go to autozone and get the small 4″ strip assorted sanding pack.

Things to note about a rough cut cnc body:

  • Add weight
  • Tune the car
  • Car will need wood putty
  • Use sandpaper