Derby Dust ® techs offer unique Pinewood Derby Race Parts for all sorts of events. If it is pinewood derby-like we offer it!  We utilize state of the art cnc routers, lathes, and computer design technology to create the fastest and lightest parts on the market.

Pinewood derby Style car events are becoming a popular way to bring family members together.  Most of all, the goal of the Derby event is to use an enjoyable activity for family to spend quality time with their children.  Furthermore, it helps to build a bond between kids and their parents as they work together to design the fastest, greatest looking car designs.

Derby Dust® offer non BSA Pinewood Derby Race Parts for these style events.  We make competitive designs for any level of racing.

  • Church
  • Corporate
  • Birthday parties
  • Local pub races
  • Outlaw Leagues

Pinewood Derby Race Parts Include:

  • Car Body with wheel base options:  BSA Axle Slots, Drilled Axle Holes at BSA slot distance, Extended wheelbase
  • Fast aerodynamic body designs for top speeds
  • Tungsten or Lead weights based on your budget
  • Fully Customize Speed wheel and axle selections based on your rules.
  • Outlaw Parts including needle, stainless axles, weight reduced and razor wheels

Derby Dust Crew

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