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Derby Dust® Ladder Wafer Pinewood Derby Car Bodies are the fastest, lightest weight, and low profiles designs on the market! Most coming in under 10 grams with full veneer tops (optional). Pair with our easily sanded balsa fenders for one of the kind aerodynamic speed champions. Derby Dust® brings many new and exciting innovations to Pinewood Derby racing.

Utilizing state of the art 65w laser from BossLaser® and CAD software to create the fastest Pinewood Derby cars. Using this technology allows us to create unique designs that are winning pack races, district races, council races, and national championships at all the racing leagues.  We can even custom cut deigns that are art ready if user will provide.

These bodies come cut and ready for you to make your ultimate Pinewood Derby car. We start with an official BSA Block, slice it into 4 parts, plane to .25″ thickness. Know that each body is made from the OFFICIAL BSA Block. Derby Dust® laser cut bodies are for use in BSA Pinewood Derby, league, Powder Puff, Girl Scout’s, and Awana® races.