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Fast Pinewood Derby Center Rail Rider Car Kit by Derby Dust

The fastest pinewood derby cars are the ones that utilize bent axles.  This does a couple of things, but to KISS lets just say it makes them really fast when properly tuned.  Key words —TUNED.  You have to do your part.

What is Rail Riding?

Ever wonder why a straight car runs slower than expected?  It might be the track.  If the track is not level, the car will contact the center guide rail with all four wheels. So if all four wheels touch the center rail this increases friction and slows down the car

Rail Riding is the purposeful steering of a car so that it rides the rail all the way down the track.   When properly tuned, the rear wheels do not touch the center rail, the high wheel never touches the track, and the steer wheel is the only wheel touching the center rail.   Therefore, enhancing car performance and speed.