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Fast Winning Pinewood Derby Car ®

Whether you are a first time Pinewood Derby builder or seasoned veteran, our site can help you. Let us help build your champion Pinewood Derby® car!

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Fast Pinewood Derby® Car Parts Supplies

  • Tungsten and Lead Pinewood weights
  • Pinewood Derby® Speed Axles – 100% BSA compliant.
  • Fast Pinewood Derby® Speed Weight Reduced Wheels
  • Unique Pinewood Derby® Car Body
  • Pinewood Derby® Tooling from Derby Worx®
  • Graphite and Krytox Lube
  • Pinewood Derby® Wheel Polish Kits

Featured Products


Pinewood Derby Speed Axle

Straightened, Burr-free, polished, ready to race axles

Pinewood Derby Rail Rider Riding Axle

Pre-bent pinewood derby axles ready for your rail riding car.

Pinewood Derby Bent Steer Tuning Axle

Bent or camber axles used for 3-Wheel pinewood derby cars to steer into the center rail.


Pinewood Derby Speed Wheel

Custom Ready to Race Pinewood Derby Wheels

Pinewood Derby Fast Winning Wheels

CNC Machined,  Lathed, Weight Reduced, Ultra Light Wheels

Pinewood Derby Custom Wheels

Wet sanded, Mold Matched, Flawless Bore, Graphite, Polished and Prepped