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Fast Wining Pinewood Derby Car ®

Whether you are a first time Pinewood Derby builder or seasoned veteran, our site can help you. Let us help build your champion Pinewood Derby® car!

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Fast Pinewood Derby® Car Parts Supplies

  • Tungsten and Lead Pinewood weights
  • Pinewood Derby® Speed Axles – 100% BSA compliant.
  • Fast Pinewood Derby® Speed Weight Reduced Wheels
  • Unique Pinewood Derby® Car Body
  • Pinewood Derby® Tooling from Derby Worx®
  • Graphite and Krytox Lube
  • Pinewood Derby® Wheel Polish Kits

Featured Products


Pinewood Derby Speed Axle

Straightened, Burr-free, polished, ready to race axles

Pinewood Derby Rail Rider Riding Axle

Pre-bent pinewood derby axles ready for your rail riding car.

Pinewood Derby Bent Steer Tuning Axle

Bent or camber axles used for 3-Wheel pinewood derby cars to steer into the center rail.