Pinewood derby car designs free templates

Pinewood derby car designs free templates plans courtesy of Derby Dust

These unique pinewood plans are not for the faint of heart.  They will require scroll saws and a few days planning.  They are designed strictly for show and are unique to the market.  As such most will require add on of balsa / bass wood to build the core block bigger as most exceed the height and width of the standard block.  Once the bigger block is made, then apply the templates and scroll cut away.

We plan on offering 2 types of designs.  One set will require slicing the body in sections, cutting those profiles out, then gluing the sections back together to complete the build. Additional tooling such as Derby Worx Pro Body Slotter and Derby Dust’s Axle Drill guide are highly recommended tools for these specific templates.

In addition,  other templates are simply profile templates and you can then create your own personal flair for best of show.  Use the template as a guide to make your own unique Derby Winner.

Free Pinewood Derby Template

Derby dust is pleased to offer you the following free Pinewood Derby car templates and plans. All other Pinewood Derby store websites charge you for plans and templates… not Derby Dust. We believe that Cub Scout packs and individuals should get these for free. So please help yourself!

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on car name to open the template in a PDF document. Print template. After you print these plans make sure that the template dimensions are correct. Some printers and browsers alter image shape and size. If the dimensions are not accurate you may have to adjust your printer settings or compensate for the image size when you trace the body shape onto your block of wood. Remember, most Pinewood Derby rules specifically state that your overall car length must not be greater than 7” and the overall car body width (not including wheels) must be no greater than 2.5” Cut out the paper template. Hold or tape the template to your body block. Trace the outline onto the block with pencil. Cut out the wood body with a hand coping saw or band saw. File and sand body for greater detail and smoothness.

For Pinewood Derby car building and speed tips CLICK HERE

What else do I need for my template?

Some of the cars below are very low profile at only ¼″ thick for extreme aerodynamics.  Because of this, these cars require ¼″ tungsten cubes for weight.  Some of the cars are pictured with custom plastic accessory parts and/or decals. For instance, the weight, custom parts and certain decals are all available on this website.

You may use the following templates for your own personal use or for the use of your scout pack or other youth organization. Any other reproduction or redistribution without the consent of Derby Dust is prohibited. All works in these templates and plans, including text and graphics, are the sole property of Derby Dust.

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