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Pinewood Derby Car Weights 

Derby DustⓇ offers plenty of solutions to add weight to pinewood derby car kits: canopy and skull leads; tungsten canopy weights; slotted tungsten discs; tungsten cubes, cylinders and putty.

Add the Optimum Weight to Win the Race

The items presented on this page are practical and stylish solutions that increase the weight of racing cars. Weights for Pinewood Derby car competitions are an important factor to consider for both stability and speed. Tungsten Pinewood Derby weights are the preferred type because this material is heavy and small pieces can be strategically placed to regulate the center of gravity. Our Derby car weights come in various sizes. You just drill the right sized hole and glue them in.

The pinewood racer, who has achieved the maximum optimal weight (around 5 ounces) of his/her car, has a good chance to win a competition. As the rules forbid over sized cars, it is very important to use the right solution to attain the best weight for a pinewood derby car.

The Designs We Offer

Canopy Style Lead

Another name of this pinewood weight is a canopy dome cockpit. The shape of the weight is oval, similar to a half of an egg. The lead has a flat bottom. These features make it possible to place the weight anywhere on a car, thereby achieving the best center of gravity. Derby Dust ® offers custom sizes ranging from 1 to 4 oz in weight. Use an epoxy or strong adhesive glue to stick it.

Skull Canopy Lead

Brutal style weights, which can make a car look aggressive and vigorous. Attach the lead with a glue. It is flat-bottomed and soft enough to be drilled, so you can place it wherever you wish on a car.

Lead-shaped weights are cost-effective. They are much cheaper than tungsten weights. Some packs do not allow to use these types of weights. That’s why you should please check your rules before buying them!

Tungsten Canopy with ½” stud

The stud-based design makes this type of weights hold fast. It is very common among the racers, who wish to add weight since tungsten is heavier than wood (you will drill the wood to put the tungsten instead). Use a glue to strengthen fastening.

Tungsten Cubes

The main advantage of this pinewood derby kit weight is its high density. In this model tungsten is 70% denser than lead and 100% denser than zinc. This ensures compact weight placement, which helps to get the most speed out of your car.

Tungsten Cylinders

Tungsten provides the same density to cylinders as to cubes. The wide variety of sizes and combinations (e.g. two 0.5 ounce pieces, two 0.25 ounce pieces, or 4 details of 1/8 ounce) offers flexibility to the builders in adjusting the car weight and balance.

Slotted Tungsten Discs

You have many good options for adjusting your car weight by choosing this pinewood derby car weight because you can leave its slot empty or fill it in with putty or two 1/4 cubes. It also allows axles to pass through if placed near the rear of the body.

Tungsten Putty

It is the most moldable and shapeable solution for the car weight adjustment. The putty is especially useful on a race day, as you can quickly add or remove some weight from your car to meet the necessary requirements or increase your chances to win.

Decoration of the Pinewood Derby Car Weight

Be sure that the surface is clean. Sanding is up to your choice. Do not skip priming before painting. It fills in the surface cracks and prevents the grains from showing through the paint layer. Leave it overnight before painting. When the paint dries up, apply floor wax and polish well to get the high gloss, “wet” look.

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