Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body

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Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body


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Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body

Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body designed by Derby Dust Techs offer a fresh alternative to the Awana® racer.  Slim Wedge variants are the fastest designs that we offer.  Maximum COG benefits, reduced wood weight,  aerodynamic profile   The slim wedge variants can be accomplished with moderate tooling such as a drill press to make under pockets.   This Awana®  pinewood derby car is made out of  a kiln dried pine block of wood to reduce its overall weight when compared to the stock poplar block.  We then CNC cut the pockets and the overall taper of the body.  Two weight pockets on the underside of the car, filled with lead or tungsten cubes if you choose that option.

Awana® axles are larger in diameter than BSA axles.  As such, you will need to be certain you are ordering the correct body style for your axles.  If you do not know what Awana® is, then this is NOT the body style you need. Awana® and BSA parts are NOT interchangeable.    AWANA® is organization not a made up name for a body style.

Awana® is a Registered Trademark of Awana Clubs International. Machine Envy, LLC is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Awana Clubs International.

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Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body

Derby Dust offers an Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body.  This body is nearly ready to race with a little work left for your racer to personalize their ride.  Furthermore, final sanding and paint are needed in addition to your favorite wheels and axles.    The Tech’s at Derby Dust® do the heavy work, we leave the final details to your Racer.   Be assured that the Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body will be properly balanced and expertly made.

Derby Dust® utilizes properly installed, balanced weights along with precision drilled axle holes using only the best jigs in the market.  Perfect for Rail Rider on a metal track.  Using precision drill guides, the axles holes are drilled perfectly perpendicular to the body and parallel to the other side for fastest and easiest tuning.

In contrast; Derby Dust® improves Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body design by using a lighter pine block than the factory poplar block. The car has an average COG at 1/2 -3/4″ in front of the rear axle.  Rail Riding is highly suggested for maxim speed with for all possible car designs.  Slim wedge is weighted with under pockets to accommodate lead or tungsten ballasts.


How to tune a Pinewood Derby Car 


Made from an official pine block, Awana® Pinewood Derby Wing Dovetail Car Body conforms to most rules:

  • 7″ in length
  • 1.75″ in width
  • Weight to 120-125 g
  • Removed wood away from the front wheels where rub may occur
  • Average rear height is just over .75″

Awana® Pinewood Derby Slim Wedge Car Body Body:

  • Balanced for max COG
  • Axles holes drilled 3/32″ in diameter
  • Sanded to 120 grit finish
  • Finish Kit which include, gap gauge, foil tape for covering holes, and #44 drill bit for proper wheel install without damaging your axle slots.
  • Wheel base:  Drilled BSA distance or Extended Wheelbase  KNOW YOUR RULES
  • 1.25″ diameter weight pocket on bottom of body may be present

Pinewood Derby Car – Proper and BEST way to install wheels and Axles

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