Pinewood Derby Tungsten Weights – Cubes

Pinewood Derby Tungsten weights – cubes  ballast are one of the easiest ways to add weight to your Pinewood Derby Car. With tungsten being 1.7 times denser than lead and over 2 times denser than zinc the Incremental Tungsten Cube kit makes adding plenty of weight to your derby car.

Each 2 oz. Tungsten Cube Kit contains 12 pieces of precision sized 1/4″ inch high density, tungsten:   non-toxic.  Pinewood Derby Tungsten Cubes weights ballast are much more dense than steel.  It will be near impossible to drill with normal home improvement tools.  Therefore be sure not to go over 5 oz in total weight.  You will not be able to drill tungsten to remove weight once it is installed like lead.

Just plan accordingly.

Weigh many times prior to final install.  I like to get the car body alone to 125 grams weighted.  Then I paint and do wheel and axle installs once.

It takes approximately 4 oz of Pinewood Derby Tungsten Cubes weights ballast to weigh a smaller profile car such as our slim wedge. Larger cars will take less.

Science of Winning

More weight you can place towards the rear of the car, the more energy that is stored for the race.  When these cubes weights are placed toward the rear of your car, you will have more potential energy because your center of mass is higher up on the track which will result in maximized kinetic energy at the finish line.  2 oz of tungsten cubes behind the rear axle will be a great advantage over any lead weighted car.  This will require a pocket or cutout of 1.50″ x 0.5″ in size.

Pinewood Derby Tungsten weights are also available in 3/16 cubes size for those special profiled bodies that are utilizing other weights such as a canopy that is glued on top of the car.