Pinewood Derby Car Body – Super Slim Wedge


Derby Dust® tech’s utilize 7 steps in making fast world class pinewood derby car kits.

The slim wedge and all of its variants are expertly designed for minimum wood weight and maximum weight placement.

The more weight you can put towards the rear, the longer the push is going to be down the track.

This design will give you the winning edge.
Offering you greater acceleration.
You’ll cross the finish line in record time.

Leaving the competition gobsmacked!

And don’t forget to get your COG tricked out for the ultimate in performance enhancement.

Plus, this body style will work with virtually any weights (a minimum of 3.5 oz is recommended).

The desired overall added weight is 3.8 – 3.9 oz.



How to tune a Pinewood Derby Car

As you can see there are a bunch of options. Please do not get overwhelmed.

Scroll below options to the Description to learn more.

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Wheel Base *

Camber Rear Axles

3 wheeler Rider


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