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Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits — SUPER Slim Wedge


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Super Slim Wedge is one of our benchmark light weight pinewood derby car body that utilizes pockets milled on the bottom of the car body for weight placement.

This variation can use either a tungsten or lead ballasts.

Coming in around 20 grams, wood is precisely removed to eliminate wheel rub and overall wood weight.

All wheelbase variations are available.
Derby Dust® tech’s utilize 7 Steps in making fast pinewood derby car kits.

Our car kits include a pre-cut car body, weight, prepared wheels, polished axles, and lube.

Just complete the car kit, install the wheels and axles, lube it, and race.

As you can see there are a bunch of options.

Please do not get overwhelmed.
Each option has a paragraph explaining in detail.

Simply scroll down past the options.

In stock

Wheel Base * 


Type of Weight

Rears drilled at 3 degrees for camber wheels with straight axles

Bent Camber Canted Axles?

Run your car on camber wheels?


Super Tuner™ Axles

Super Tuner™ Axles (slotted axle Head option)



Steering Wheel (1x 1.5 bent axle)

wheels * 

Mold Match

Wheel Polish Kit / Service


Fast Pinewood Derby Winner Car Kits by Derby Dust®

Super Slim Wedge a fast pinewood derby winner by Derby Dust®.  This one is one of those overlooked designs that always blows away the competition.

Simple basic design on the outside.
Utilizing an official BSA block, we CNC cut this profile to get you in the winner’s circle.

So our fast derby car kit includes a pre-cut car body, weighted, lathed wheels, CNC polished axles, and the ultimate dry graphite lube which comply to majority of all pack’s rules.

Wheel and axle upgrades available for those that desire more speed and is allowed by their rules.

Every official Pinewood Derby Car will have the same wheels and axles, but do you use the speed tricks that will help you get maximum performance of the derby?
As a result Derby Dust® tech’s take the guess work out of building a champion racer.

When building your kit, there are many key issues to understand on how all the parts are put together.

Using these known tips will result in a fast derby car that looks and performs better than the rest.

Fast Pinewood derby Car Kit comes standard with:

Customers choose custom parts according to their pack rules such as:

Our winning car kits come with either precision cut CNC axle slots or precision drilled axle holes drilled with the Goat Boy Drill Station.
Kits with axle slots are always fully BSA compliant with all pack rules.
Especially relevant are your local pack rules.

Please check these rules before purchasing a car body with drilled axle holes.

Leave them in the Dust with Axle and Wheel Upgrade Options

Pinewood Derby Wheel Upgrade Info
Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade Info


Additional information

Weight13 oz

3 reviews for Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits — SUPER Slim Wedge

  1. M. Craddock

    We just took our Derbydust car to the district race and won 1st place and set a new track record of 3.111 seconds! Thanks again for an excellent product and helpful Youtube videos on building/finishing this great car! – live2huntsc

  2. Jim

    I just wanted to thank you for the Pinewood Derby Car Body you sold me. My son took 1st in the Den and the Pack. We then went to District where my son took 1st in the WEBLOS class and also the Open class. He went undefeated this year without losing a single race. Thank you for all the TLC you put in the products you sell. — sfcbarnes

  3. Member ID: hoonp

    Hi, I bought 2 car kits from you about a month ago. And I won 1st and 2nd place of the race tonight.
    Thank you so much. You are the best!

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