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Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits Warped Physics


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  • For seven years in a row our FASTEST Pinewood Derby car and our #1 top selling Pinewood Derby Car Kit is the “Physics Lecture”  The car design has won hundreds of pack and district derbies nation wide.  It even has it’s very own college lecture!  Click here to read about it!
  • We took the physcis lecture, warped it a little bit, and gave it some good looking curves.

The body design, weight placement (COG), axle alignment, and aerodynamics are all optimized for top performance. Get the complete Easy-to-Build kit with the necessary components to build a precision engineered racing machine and blow the door off the competition.  Our pinewood derby kits come complete even with a #44 for drill bit and fine weight adjustments.

As you can see there are a bunch of options.  Please do not get overwhelmed.  Each option has a paragraph explaining in detail.  

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Important Decision. Check your rules!

Axle Polish Level

Would you Like your axles treated with Dry Krytox Sealer?

Super Tuner™ Axles

Single 1.5 degree Steering Axle if not riding on all 4 bent axles.

Run your Car on Camber Wheels?

Type of Wheels

Mold Match Wheels?

Would you like your Wheel to be polished and prepped for Racing. Outer and Inner bore service


    Fast Winning Pinewood derby Car Design Warped Physics by Derby Dust®

    This kit has the data that you can’t simply beat.  Based on a well known how to pinewood car design with a little Derby Dust® flair , Derby Dust® techs tweaked it a little to make it our own. Fast Winning Pinewood Derby Car Design Warped Physics is created for those wanting something a little different than the psychics look.  We cut the mid section away to keep the same winning principles behind the physics design. Our fast kit includes a pre-cut car body, weight, prepared wheels, polished axles, and lube which comply to most pack’s rules.  Wheel and axle upgrades available.

    While every Pinewood Derby Car will have wheels and axles, do you know the tricks that will help you get maximum speed of the car?  As a result Derby Dust® tech’s take the guess work out of build a champion  When designing your car, there are several key issues to consider that includes the efficiency of all the parts put together.  Using these known tricks will result in a fast pinewood derby car that looks and performs better. Ultimately, the total speed of this car will largely depend on the builder. Alignment, lubrication and axle preparation are some of the things the builder must perform in order for this car to reach its full potential speed.

    Fast Pinewood derby Car Kit comes standard with:

    • Pre-cut car body in BSA axle slot, Drilled BSA Distance, or Drilled Extended Wheelbase
    • 2k diamond polished axles
    • Derby Dust® Lightly Lathed Wheels
    • Lead Canopy
    • Gap Gauge
    • #44 Drill bit
    • Small weight ballast to bring to 5 oz weight after painting
    • Strip of Foil tape to cover any exposed weight on the underside
    • Sample Tube of Derby Dust® Dry Lube
    • Written instructions with YouTube hand’s on reference.

    Customers choose custom parts according to their pack rules such as:

    • Higher polished speed axles
    • Rail Riding Axles
    • Lighter weight reduced pinewood speed wheels
    • Tungsten weights
    • Wheel bore polishing
    • Pre-Painted Primed Body

    Our winning car kits come with either precision cut cnc axle slots or precision drilled axle holes drilled with the Goat Boy Drill Station.  Kits with axle slots are always fully BSA compliant with all pack rules.  Especially relevant are your local pack rules.  Please check these rules before purchasing a car body with drilled axle holes.

    Leave them in the Dust with Axle and Wheel Upgrade Options

    Pinewood Derby Wheel Upgrade Info
    Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade Info


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