Ceramic Coating Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade Option

New for 2023 season, Ceramic coating for Pinewood Derby axles! Our advanced coating technology is designed to significantly improve the speed and performance of your Pinewood Derby car.  Wish we would have used this sooner. 

Our ceramic coating is specifically formulated to reduce friction and increase the efficiency of your axles, allowing your car to glide down the track with minimal resistance. The coating is applied using a precise and durable process that ensures maximum coverage and long-lasting performance.  It coats all the valleys of sanding /polishing process that leaves a super slick, hard, uniform surface when applied while rotating for a smooth, uniform coat.  We use the best of the best ceramic coating.

Not only does our ceramic coating help to increase speed, but it stays on for longer than than coating we used in the past.  This means you can enjoy a longer lifespan for your Pinewood Derby car, giving you more opportunities to compete and win.

Our ceramic coating is perfect for both amateur and professional Pinewood Derby enthusiasts who are looking to take their car to the next level. With our coating, you can enjoy a faster, smoother, and more efficient ride down the track. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!

Yes you will still need lube. This upgraded coating will not affect the performance of graphite-meaning it will not gum up graphite. Works perfect for oil as it is hydrophobic in nature.  


Super Tuner™ Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade


Tuning your car can be expensive on your pocket and on your axle polish job. Not a problem with our Super Tuner™ Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade option. A simple cutout made on all 4 axle heads allows you make EZ fine tuning adjustment to each wheel without having to spend on $20 on a set of pliers that could damage your pinewood derby axle heads that you just got to a mirror polish. This is a must for those guys that plan on riding the rail or have to use BSA slots. Sure beats shimming with wax paper!

Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade Info

Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade negative camber?

Fast cars are usually ran with negative camber wheels.  The easiest way to achieve this is buy using bent axles.  With a negative camber upgrade, the wheel is forced to ride against the outer wheel hub eliminating side to side wheel travel which will eat away your speed.  The tooling for this costs $25 (press and rail riding tool) and is suggested to be done using a hammer.  We have installed the same tooling in bench press to get precise, repeatable results with no maring.  We are happy to provide your axle set to canter of choice if this is something your would like.  Please also visit our YouTube channel to learn how to tune those bent axles!

Pinewood Derby Car BSA Steering axle