Pinewood Derby Speed Axles Rail Rider Riding Bent

Derby Dust® tech’s offer the Pinewood Derby Speed Axles Rail Rider Riding Bent Axle Kit that is ready for your champion build.

This combo when properly installed will give you the edge needed to get you into the winner’s circle.

What is Rail Riding?

When a pinewood derby car is properly aligned to run straight, but the track isn’t consistently level (which is very common), the car will contact with both the center guide rail and the left and right wheels.

It will wobble back and forth all the way down the track robbing you of all your speed.

Using a raised wheel alone will not fix the wobble. The raised wheel will likely contact the guide rail and start spinning. This will cancel any benefit attained from the raised wheel. Derby Worx® came up with the idea of riding the center rail. Riding the center rail keeps only one wheel touching the track. It keeps a consistent travel down the track.

Utilizing pinewood derby speed axles rail rider riding bent axle kit will let you manually adjust each axle to its fastest speed.

By adjusting the wheels, you will no longer be moving back and forth motion, the only direction will be moving forward!

What Do the Experts Say?

Experts agree that controlled rail riding will produce a much faster car. If your car consistently rubs against the inside rail all the way down the track it will be faster.

To compensate for the unknown condition of the track, the car can be intentionally steered such that the raised wheel does not contact the guide rail.

For this discussion, we will assume that the left-front wheel is raised (reverse if it is the right wheel)

Adjust the right-front wheel so that the car drifts to the left.

This keeps the left-front wheel from contacting the guide rail.

With this drift, and if the rear wheels are aligned to run straight, then only the right-front wheel will contact the guide rail.

To ensure that the right-rear wheel stays off the rail, the right-front of the car can be narrowed by 1/16.

Tests show that when this rail rider technique is implemented, car performance is consistently faster than straight alignment.

Derby Dust® Tech’s Have Done the Work for You

We offer you Rail Rider™ Axle Kit to save you both time and invested costs because you do not have to purchase the tooling.Derby Dust® utilize the Derby Worx® Pro Axle Bender to bend all our axles.

Our technique is perfected and you will see the results. Quality and repeatability time after time. Two axles are bent at 2.5 deg (for rear wheels), one axle is bent at 1.5 deg (for front dominant wheel), and one axle is straight (for raised wheel).


  • Higher Level of Polishing
  • Super Tuner Axle Upgrade
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