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AWANA® Pinewood Derby Car Kit


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Fast Pinewood derby kits! Awana® Club Grand Prix-compliant, pinewood derby car. Before your purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need. Kits are NOT assembled ready to race.

The blocks are 7″ length. All kits are 1.75″ in width. All kits have a minimum ground clearance of 3/8″ . All kits are under 1.25″ in height unless stated otherwise.

Awana® is a registered trademark of Awana Clubs International.  Derby Dust® is not in any way affiliated with Awana Clubs International.

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AWANA® Pinewood Derby Car Kit

In Pinewood Derby, derbies are quite simple. Every racer crafts a car using standard derby car kit. The cars will then be raced down the sloped wood or the aluminum track. There are no motors, only gravity in achieving top speed or maybe about 15 or 20 miles per hour during the long run. For a more fun and engaging experience, you might need to invest in AWANA® Pinewood Derby Car Kit. The derby car kit includes blocks that are 7” in length.

AWANA® is widely known as the registered trademark of the Awana Clubs International. This Pinewood derby car kit is Awana Clubs Grand-Prix compliant Pinewood derby car. Before making a purchase, check on your local regulations and rules. In case you are unsure about the terminologies, send email to the manufacturers. The AWANA® Pinewood Derby Car Kit needs to be assembled before this becomes ready to race.

This kit will not take much of your time and effort because this is easy to install kit with all the necessary tools needed. This is ready to paint and ready for racing or trail riding. The AWANA® Pinewood Derby Car Kit is what you need for a more exciting and engaging Pinewood derby car kit experience.

Aside from the right tools and kits, Pinewood Derby Car races are also about technology, physics and human factor. These add fun and passion to the mix. Aside from focusing on Pinewood Derby Car Kits, you also need to take a closer on how the race cars are made, the rules of the race and more.

AWANA® Car Kit Specs:

  • Car body weighted to around 4.3oz (very close to 5oz total with weights and axles)
  • Polished, tapered, Race ready axles (bent available)
  • Race Ready Wheels prepped to your choice
  • Tungsten Putty provided for final weight
  • Foil Tape provided to cover weight hole
  • Wheelbase of choice
  • Gap Gauge

Tech Tips for Derby Car Kit

Rial Riding — comes with 3x 2.5 degree axles, 1x 1.5 degree axle.  2.5 for the rears, and your choice of steer.  Use the remaining axle with bend pointed in the up direction to make it a 3 wheel rider.  4-wheel riders, visit here

For tuning:  a treadmill or tuning board, axle pliers.  Optional- get the axles slotted for adjustments with a flathead screw driver.

Tuning:  Please Youtube.  Our method or someone else.  There are many methods with nearly same results.  Choose what best suits you, but you will have to tune.


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