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VIPER Pro SS 2 Groove Pinewood Derby Axle


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They feature a oversized .093 bearing surface with precision placed friction reducing grooves for the Ultimate wheel hub to axle fitment, superior wheel stability and unmatched speed. The Main shaft is then reduced to a standard axle size .088 so the Vipers will work with the slots found in all brands of Pinewood Derby Kits


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VIPER Pro SS 2 Groove

Derby Worx 2 groove pinewood axle – Viper Pro Stainless Steel Speed Fast are designed with only one thing in mind… sheer speed. They are exactly like our Pro Tech Stainless Steel Speed Axles but these axles have grooves to serve as lubrication reservoirs and to reduce wheel to axle contact.

OLD PROBLEM: The official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels and axles simply do not fit each other very well at all. The wheel bore is much larger than the diameter of the axle shaft. This creates a sloppy fit and causes the wheels to wobble as the car races down the track. This wheel wobble severely decreases speed.

NEW SOLUTION: These Derby Worx Viper Stainless Steel 2-Groove Axles are the answer. The upper axle shaft diameter is .093” to make a perfect fit to the BSA Pinewood Derby wheel hub. The lower shaft is .088” in diameter to fit both drilled axle holes and standard BSA Pinewood Derby axle slots. These axles virtually eliminate all wheel wobble thus greatly improving the car’s speed.

2 groove pinewood axle – Viper Pro Stainless Steel Features:

  • Pure high grade stainless steel
  • CNC machined
  • Extremely strong
  • Two grooves  for graphite retention
  • Chamfered and polished inner axle head
  • Minimized wheel to axle contact
  • Polished axle shaft
  • No crimp marks
  • Outer head mimics official BSA axle
  • Upper groove axle shaft dia: 0.093″
  • Lower shaft dia: 0.088″
  • Better wheel fit
  • Eliminates wheel wobble
  • Corrosion free

2 groove pinewood axle – Viper Pro Stainless Steel Speed Fast are machined of high grade stainless steel. These axles are not only corrosion proof but are also crimp free and highly polished making them race ready and super fast. The shaft has two grooves to serve as lubrication reservoirs. The inside of the axle head is chambered to reduce the wheel to axle contact and diminish friction. The outer axle head is designed to mimic the head of the official BSA axle.

For those that want to make these grooved axles rail riders, Derby Dust suggests only using the Pro Axle Bender to ensure proper bend.   Click here to learn how it works.

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