3 Wheel Rider Pinwood Derby Car Kit “Physics Lecture”

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3 Wheel Rider Pinwood Derby Car Kit “Physics Lecture”


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We have taken a proven winning design and added a little “BANG”to it. Meet the 3-wheel riding Physics Lecture car. This design has literally proven itself time and time again with more packs wins that we can show you.

In stock

Rear Camber

Drilled Rear Axles for camber (use straight axles)

Axle Polish


Would you Like your axles treated with Dry Krytox Sealer?

Bent axles?

Super Tuner

Super Tuner Upgrade? (slotted axle head)

Wheels * 

Mold Match

Mold Match wheels?

Wheel Polish Kit / Service

Would you like a Wheel Polish kit or Service

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This is the Derby Dust Special setup: We are going to make it easy and take all the guess work out of it for you. Our car bodies come pre-weighted with center of gravity between 1/2-1″in front of rear axles.

If you have no intentions of following are break-in / tuning instructions, please do not purchase a 3 wheel rider, It will do more harm than good.

Also offered is an option of running on your car on negative camber. This will allow you to rotate the wheel to the point of minimum tread friction and make sure your wheel does not move back and forth while racing along your axle.  This is an expert build level and will require tuning.  If you have no intentions of tuning, then do not get this option as it will do more harm than good.

  • 3 Wheel design of choice: BSA slots, Drilled BSA distance, or Extended Wheel base  PLEASE CHECK YOUR RULES.
  • 3x 2000 grit straight axles Krytox sealed
  • 1x 1.5 degree 8000 grit steering axle Krytox Sealed
  • 4x Derby Dust Lightly machined / lathed BSA Wheels
  • 4x Cotton Buff Pipe Cleaners
  • 1x Perfect Gap Gauge
  • Tungsten Putty to bring up to final weight


Axle Option upgrades: Super Tuner Steering axle or all 4 wheel Super Tuner axle upgrade,

Wheels: Wet Sand only, Derby Dust “Asset” Wheels, Derby Worx Inertia Lite wheels, Derby Worx Ultra Pro Lite Wheels

Highly suggested tools:

Pinewood Derby Car Axle Tuning / Extraction Pliers

Pinewood Derby Pro Axle Guide Install tool

Pinewood Derby Car Wheel Axle Install Tool


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