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Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits — “Canopy #4”


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Derby Dust® Tech’s  designed Car Canopy #4 based on the 7 Steps in making Pinewood Derby Car Kit fast winning kits.  Our car kits include a light weight pre-cut car body, canopy weight, lathed wheels, polished axles, and graphite lube. Follow the provided instructions to complete the car kit, install the wheels and axles, lube it, and race.

Car Canopy #4 is variation of our light weight pinewood derby car body that  uses drilled extended wheel base utilize a canopy style weight that is glued on top.  This variation can use either a tungsten or lead canopy.  Coming in around 12 grams, wood is precisely removed to eliminate wheel rub, wood weight while keeping a strut structure to keep strength.

As you can see there are a bunch of options. Please do not get overwhelmed. Each option has a paragraph explaining in detail. Simply scroll down past the options

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Wheel Base


polish level

Super Tuner™ Axles


Camber Axles



Mold Match

Matched Inner Bore

Wheel Polish Kit / Service


Pinewood Derby Car Kit fast winning by Derby Dust®

Unique Pinewood Derby Car Kit fast winning by Derby Dust®.  Utilizing an official BSA block, we cnc cut this profile to get you in the winner’s circle.  So our fast kit includes a pre-cut car body, weight, prepared wheels, polished axles, and lube which comply to most pack’s rules.  Wheel and axle upgrades available if your pack rules allow.

While every Pinewood Derby Car will have wheels and axles, do you know the secrets that will help you get maximum speed of the car?  As a result Derby Dust® tech’s take the guess work out of building a champion car.  When designing a winning champion racer, there are several key factors to consider that mostly includes the how well will all the parts put together perform.  Using these known tricks will result in a fast pinewood derby car that looks and performs better.

Fast Pinewood derby Car Kit comes standard with:

  • Pre-cut car body in Extended Wheelbase ONLY;.  Check Your rules!
  • 2k diamond polished axles
  • Derby Dust Lightly Lathed Wheels
  • Lead Canopy
  • Gap Gauge
  • #44 Drill bit
  • Small weight ballast to bring to 5 oz weight after painting
  • Strip of Foil tape to cover any exposed weight on the underside
  • Sample Tube of Derby Dust® Dry Lube
  • Written instructions with YouTube hand’s on reference.

Customers choose custom parts according to their pack rules such as:

Pinewood Derby Car Kit fast winning Canopy #4 car comes only in extended wheel base.  Techs drill precision axle holes with the Goat Boy Drill Station.  Especially relevant are your local pack rules.  Please check these rules before purchasing a car body with drilled axle holes.

Leave them in the Dust with Axle and Wheel Upgrade Options

Pinewood Derby Wheel Upgrade Info
Pinewood Derby Axle Upgrade Info


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Weight 5 oz


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