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Pinewood Derby Axle / Drill Bit Pin Vise


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Handheld, manual tool designed to drill axle holes. Don’t forget your #44 drill bit. Your hardware store does not carry them!

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    Pinewood Derby Axle / Drill Bit Pin Vise

    For top speed, axle spaces or openings must be entirely square for the vehicle body and parallel to one another. Sadly, the best way to accomplish this dimension of exactness has been with of a specialized drill jig.  Even the use of expensive micro drill press will cause issues due to the run out and throw travel of a drill press.  That has all changed. Presently anybody can make precise axle openings with just a hand drill (or a Pin Vise). Handheld, manual apparatus intended to bore axle openings. The kit is composed of the Manual; Handheld Pin Vise Drill Handle. There is no need to utilize the unit using a drill.  It is used in combination with a PRO AXLE PRESS for best results.

    •  Twofold Headed Round Hexagon Twist
    • 2 Chucks or Collets
    •  Material – Steel
    •  Collets accept various the drills’ sizes
    •  0.1 millimeter – 3 millimeter

    This Derby Axle Drill Bit Pin vise is made of high quality materials that can ensure for a lifetime use of the customers. It contains the elements such as steels and made of specific hexagon twist that can fit right through you Pinewood Derby Axle. This product is a need for every Derby hobbyist. It is a need for a lifetime.

    The expandable collects allow use of many different sizes of drill bits.

    Can be used for many other projects where precises holes need to be drilled.

    Aside from the best quality that this product gives, it also composed of the best materials you can acquire. Also, it is most specific; therefore there is no need for many tools such as drills because the use of your hand can use it. You can save time and effort and also, money in purchasing this product, because it gives the customers the thing they need.  Please view this and more products on Derby Dust. You can look for their page and also get more information in looking up to their website.

    How to use Pin Vise

    Manual, Hand held, Pin Vise Drill Handle.  You DO NOT use this with a drill.

    Use with the Pro Body Jig / Pro Axle guide to drill out the axle slots so you do not bust them out with a hammer.

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