Pinewood Derby Pro Axle Guide Install tool tools


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This is a must if you have to install axles in slots. Don’t waste your time trying any other tricks. Plain and simple it’s worth the costs to save the headace! This is by far the best possible tool for this purpose. We use it on EVERY build.

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Pro Axle Guide is a precision machined aluminum block with a laser cut tab designed to fit in the axle slot of most P.W.D. race car bodies. The tab is designed to precisely space the wheels from the body. The block can also be used on the flat side for extended wheel base cars.

The Pro-Axle Guide will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car by ensuring accurate mounting of axles:

1. Axle Insertion – Ensures accurate mounting of axles (in axle slots) to improve alignment. Accurate alignment is critical for top speed!

2. Wheel-to-body Spacing – Establishes the correct gap between the wheel hub and car body. The proper gap minimizes car wander and reduces excess contact between the car body and the wheel hubs.

3. Reduced Risk of Block Damage – During the insertion process the Pro-Axle Guide provides support to the wood around the axle slot, minimizing the risk of damage.


How to Pro Axle Guide:

Simply clamp this tool flush with body so that the laser cut tab fits inside the axle slots. Using a hammer, you can now install your axle knowing that it will be directed in the proper direction. SAVE POSSIBLY DAMAGING YOUR AXLES and use one of our custom axle install tools!

We don’t use the gap portion of it. We like a bigger gap. We have found that if you are not careful during install, you could damage the thin plastic hub portion of your wheel with the metal gap gauge. In paper-rock-scissors, metal ALWAYS beats PLASTIC. REMEMBER. JUST BE CAREFUL when hammering. EVERYTHING moves a little.

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