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Pinewood Wheel Polish Kit


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The most overlooked speed step by far.  Polishing the bores.  Go to any league forum and read up the hundred different ways people polish the wheel bores.  It the top racing secret that most will NOT share.

This is the first stage of wheel prep.  Removing manufacturing flaws from micro scratches to mold “junk”.  All that extra stuff increases friction.  To make the wheels faster, you must remove that friction.  We offer 2 part polishing compound that will smooth out those issues.  If you need even faster speeds, seal your wheels with our bore sealant before burnishing with graphite.

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Pinewood Wheel Polish Kit

Polishing the wheel bores is the most common speed step most racers have skipped this step at least once when preparing your pinewood derby car for a race. However, the whole process takes up to hour, which includes work and some intervals between the work. If you are serious about derby car racing, you should not skip this step. Polishing with the Pinewood Derby Wheel Polish kit will increase the speed of your derby car and improve performance by a few hundredths of seconds, which might become crucial for the race outcome.


Pinewood Derby Wheel Polish – 3 Step Newest Version


Let’s increase the performance of your pinewood derby car, subtracting from your racing time 0.010-0.015 seconds on a track of 30.75 feet. With our Pinewood Derby Wheel Polish kit, you are going to get spin times equal to or longer than the magic 30 second rule (with factory weight wheels) after going through the wheel polish process we have thoroughly shown you in the video on this page. We’ve beaten these numbers ourselves right here in this workshop.

No inflated costs. Guaranteed results. No cheap “pipe cleaners” with metal cores. You will literally hear the difference from the track movement of your car.

The polish kit includes:

  • 20x micro bore no scratch buffing spears;
  • 4x no scratch cotton swabs;
  • Plastic Treatment №1;
  • Plastic Treatment №2;
  • Inner Hub Dry Lube Treatment №3.

To make your wheels even faster, don’t forget to use our sealant prior to adding graphite.

Watch our video for grasping the idea fast. We believe that some things are better understood through real visual examples.

The Pinewood Derby Wheel polishing process will take maximum 30 minutes. You will also need around 30-35 minutes for drying: 15-20 minutes after the first and second polishing. Derby car polishing can become a great weekend occupation for a kid.

So, let’s start. To complete this work, you will need a drill.

Once using Krytox GPL-100 or other oil based lube, don’t apply the dry lube treatment.

Polishing Steps

  1. Unpack your box and arrange three canisters for the work. The numbers 1, 2, 3 are direct hints to the order of steps you are going to adhere while polishing.
  2. Prepare your drill, cut the spears in half, and input one into a drill.
  3. Spin the spear in the white #1 canister. You always use the white one first.
  4. Polish inside of the pinewood wheel bore, move back and forth, polish outside at the edges of the axle opening.
  5. Let it dry for 20 minutes. then scrub off the residue of the material with a soft whistle brush on both outer sides of the wheel.  (may use running water method shown in video instead)
  6. Install a clean swab to spin inside of the wheel to remove the remains.  Be certain to remove it all as we cant polish with the tan until all the white is gone.
  7. Drill polish again with the tan #2 polish container.
  8. Repeat cleaning process to remove the tan polish before going to the final one.
  9. Go for the pinewood derby graphite lubrication. Try to be especially thorough when polishing with the graphite. It is the most important part.

We don’t think up gimmicks. The process gives real results, and we do it ourselves all the time here with our details.

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