Pinewood Derby Axle File


Using the official BSA axles will require a good bit of work.  Using our Pinewood Derby Axle File will make the job a lot easier.  As we will discuss preparation below.   Again, a little bit of prep work will save a lot of time later in the build.  In addition to having all 4 axles be straight, you must remove the burs, or crimp marks on the axle shaft prior to polishing.  This is quickly done with a pinewood derby file.  You will then need to put a high polish on the axle shafts and inside the axle head.  All of this will help reduce friction and make your car faster.

Out Barrette files are tapered in width and thickness, coming to a rounded point at the end. Only the flat side is cut, and the other sides are all safe. For doing flat work. Utilizing fine cutting cross section to minimize material removal to ensure that you can remove the burr and retain as much of the original diameter as possible.

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