Awana® Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheel Axle Set

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Awana® Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheel Axle Set


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  • 4x  Awana®  Race Ready Axles
  • 4x  Awana®  Speed Wheels

Customize to your needs.  Stay Legal, know your Rules!

The rules of local events sometimes differ from those in box rules. Due to this,  it is necessary to know your rules before choosing our unique modifications for your PWD car.  Each event’s rules will be different. We ask before you make a purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need.


Awana® is a registered trademark of Awana Clubs International.
Derby Dust® is not in any way affiliated with Awana Clubs International.

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Axle Polish Level

What level would you like your axles be polished to?

krytox Sealant

Would you like your axles sealed with DuPont™ Krytox® Coating?

Super Tuner

Super Tuner (slotted head) Notches

Steering Axle

1.5 Degree Steering Bent Axle only?

Camber Rail Rider Axles

Run your derby car on Camber / Bent Axlles

Wheel Weight *

Weight of Wheels


Awana® Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheel Axle Set

While utilizing proprietary straightening, CNC machining, and polishing techniques, we produce consistent quality Awana® Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheel Axle Set time after time.   In conclusion, our feedback speaks for itself.  After many machining hours, we perfected our technique.

Our Set includes:

  • 4x  Awana®  Race Ready axles
    • Straightened
    • Wet Sanded and Polished
    • Axle Head Tapered
  • 4x  Awana®  wheels
    • Weight reduced by 40%
    • All lettering intact and untouched

Regardless of the axle type, the most important step is to have an extremely high polished axle shaft that is well lubricated. Also, there are many other factors that make for a fast Pinewood Derby car. The best pinewood derby axles in the world won’t help if those other factors are not addressed. Our prepped have been deburred, shaped, straightened and sanded down to a  2000 grit finish.  In addition, each axle goes through a buffing process up to 100,000 grit. We use separate buffing wheels to ensure no cross contamination. Then if you choose, we can seal the prepped axle with a Krytox sealing agent.  This is NOT putting a drop krytox oil on it. This is binding Krytox to the surface of the metal.

Derby Dust® also offers pre-prepared aftermarket Awana® Speed Wheels.  We offer wheels machined by us in house using our cnc lathes.  In addition we offer the Derby Worx® line of aftermarket wheels.  Both are excellent choices when looking at wheel upgrades.  These wheels are a bit difficult to machine.  Most do no not even try and modify them.  We are one of a few vendors that offer  Awana® Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheel Axle Set.

Especially relevant is to make sure that you understand what axle and wheel modifications are permitted by your pack rules.

Awana ® is a registered trademark of Awana® Clubs International.
Derby Dust® is not in any way affiliated with Awana Clubs International.

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1 review for Awana® Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheel Axle Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just wanted to let you know my daughter had her Awanas Derby today. We had bought a set of speed wheels and coated axles from you. I entered an identical car with wheels and axles from a different company. I took 4th in the adult class and 3rd for overall speed. My daughter was 6 for 6 in the girls, took first. Then had it taken away because she was suspossed to be in adult class. Went 6 for 6 in the adult, took first. Beat me by 2ft.! Then she went 6 for 6 in the speed event and took first!! 18-0 for the day and I never worked on the car at all from the first pass to the last. Great wheels and axles. !!!!!

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