Awana® Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheel Axle Set


*2023-2024 AWANA has changed their wheel manufacturing process.  Wheels are made from a different type of material, wheels are made with a different type of mold, Wheels are have no mold numbers.  Wheels are not manufactured with same tolerances as before.

They are in my opinion a cheaper made wheel with costs increased by 25%.  In order to make up for waste, I will have to charge an extreme amount now for a set of wheels as only 1-2 wheels are good in each set purchased causing my costs almost $15 a set to procure as 75% of the wheels are not up to my par for machining.

  • 4x  Awana®  Race Ready Axles
  • 4x  Awana®  Speed Wheels

Customize to your needs.  Stay Legal, know your Rules!

The rules of local events sometimes differ from those in box rules. Due to this,  it is necessary to know your rules before choosing our unique modifications for your PWD car.  Each event’s rules will be different. We ask before you make a purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need.


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Axle Polish Level

Camber Rail Rider Axles

Ceramic Coating

Would you like the axle surface sealed with a ceramic coating to reduce friction and increase efficiency

Super Tuner

Steering Axle

Wheel Weight *

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