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Tungsten Putty is formulated to be the richest available for greater weights in a smaller piece.

1.0 oz. of moldable Tungsten Putty.

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Pinewood Derby Tungsten Weight Putty 1.0 oz

Derby Worx Pinewood derby tungsten weight putty is made from 100% pure Tungsten Powder. It is blended with a putty type compound and a few of our own ingredients to create a Tungsten Putty that is very malleable, easy to apply and will not dry out even after several weeks exposed to air and sunlight.

Our pinewood derby tungsten weight putty is Child (and Adult) Safe. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

This is the perfect Tungsten to fill small areas with and add last minute additional weight.

This pinewood derby tungsten weight putty is made specifically for Pinewood Derby cars. You will get approximately 1.0 oz in the package.

Remember, just because someone says “solid or pure Tungsten” does not mean it really is. Tungsten by itself is materially unstable and is easily shattered no matter how it is sintered (formed). Since all Tungsten forms are mixed with a bonding alloy of either Nickel, Copper, Iron or a combination of them, the atomic density will vary.

We have specified the heaviest density of Tungsten (W) percentage to bonding alloy that is possible.

Pinewood Derby Tungsten Weight Putty

Bottom-line, this Tungsten Putty is perfect for Pinewood Derby Cars , R/C Boats, Slot Cars, Trains, R/C Airplanes and other hobby’s requiring small, easily applied, dense weight.

Tungsten is the world’s 4th heaviest metal. It weighs up to 1.8x as much as lead and over 3x the weight of the Zinc/Pewter weights available through the Scout Shops and Hobby Shops. This is the perfect weight for Pinewood Derby Cars.

Tungsten is a safe non-toxic metal and it takes up less space in your car.

Less space, means more weight concentration in the CG area, faster building time and more speed on the track.

1.0 oz in size, can pinch off .05 grams at a time.  Can meet any needs of bringing your car to 5 oz in final weight.

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