Pinewood Derby Speed Wheel – 2.05g


In 2016  we saw a set of new rules forming nation wide.  We looked over those rules and decided to bring together a few modifications we thought will give an advantage but still be within written rules. New Pack rules, require a new wheel set. This wheel is intended to meet the requirement of :

Rule states: The wheels can not be sanded at an angle or to any type of ridge. Wheel treatment (hub and tread smoothing and polishing) may not result in substantial removal of mass nor in reducing the wheel width from the original kit wheels. Some of the original tread marks on the wheel face must remain intact (i.e. Apparent to the Inspector). Wheels may not be machined to a beveled condition and the portion of the wheel surface that contacts the track must remain parallel to the axle.

  • Your choice of Hub
  • Flawless inner bore
  • Gradual tapered inner wheel wall weight reduction that leaves factory width with factory edge thickness
  • Average Wheel Weight of 2.05

Other Options Include:

  • Polished Inner Bores
  • Mold Match Wheel Set
  • Matched Inner Bore Diameters

Leave them in the Dust with Wheel Upgrade Options


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