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Pinewood Derby Pipe Cleaner – Cotton Applicators buff polish


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Not some cheap thing from a hobby store.  1 Dozen (12x) Applicators!

  • Extra fluffy body
  • Cotton spun
  • Thick diameter
  • No exposed metal!
  • Best Pipe Cleaner for burnishing wheel bores
  • Great swab for applying pinewood wax / sealant
  • Best swab for buffing wheel bores
  • YouTube video on how to use it

In stock


Pinewood Derby Pipe Cleaner

Don’t waste you time or your wheel to a nylon pipe cleaner from your local hobby or hardware store.  Magnified pictures show that more than likely you will damage your inner wheel because there is just not enough material to protect the metal core. It will rub scratches or possibly even melt your wheel because of friction.  Our Pinewood Derby Pipe Cleaner are the right tool for the job.  Cotton Buffing pipe cleaners are used for finishing applications where the work piece material may be sensitive to scratching or marring.

Pinewood Derby Pipe Cleaner

Nylon does not hold on to the dry lube like a cotton buff.    The nylon pipe cleaner does not have the density needed to keep your bores protected like our pipe clear.  Cheaper pipe cleaner just cant do the job.  Polishing wheel bores will always be 100% complaint with all BSA rules.

Fast Pinewood Derby wheels are the heart of any derby racer.  Polished wheels are one of the major keys to unlocking the speed of your pinewood derby car. USing these pipe cleaners will help you achieve faster wheels when used to applying wax, buffing wax, and burnishing graphite.

Here at Derby Dust, we stock all the best Pinewood Derby wheels and axles, maintaining a selection to fit any rule requirement. Our Wheel polish kit allows you to burnish your wheels with graphite, filling any small scratches in the surface and leaving behind a thin, slick film. For ultimate speed, check out DuPont’s pure Krytox®. If allowed by the local rules, this is the best lubricant available.  Don’t forget


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