Pinewood Derby XLITE 1.5g Speed Wheels – Derby Dust

/Pinewood Derby XLITE 1.5g Speed Wheels – Derby Dust

Pinewood Derby XLITE 1.5g Speed Wheels – Derby Dust


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New for the 2017-2018 season


Weight reduced wheel,

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We machined a new wheel weight.  Will break records for those rules that require all lettering in tact.

1.5g average weight per wheel.   Machined outer tread for flat equal surface, retains beading to comply with rules that require this standard.

All lettering left in tact.

Inner bores reamed with .0965 tooling to ensure proper bore clearance.

Machined – 1.174″ Average wheel diameter. Surface takes on the temperance of a sanded finish.

Retains factory width.

These wheels, as do all weight reduced wheels require tooling to install and remove the axles.  Please plan according.  This wheel can easily be pinched, and crack if care is not taken.


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