Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits — Trophy Truck Off-Road


Introducing the Pinewood Derby Body Off-Road Trophy Truck – the ultimate fusion of craftsmanship and speed! Crafted from high-quality pinewood, this sleek, aerodynamic masterpiece is designed to dominate off-road racing events. With precision-cut contours and customizable paint options, you can make it uniquely yours. Its low-profile, lightweight build ensures lightning-fast acceleration,

Optional precision wheels and axles guarantee a smooth ride, giving you the edge in every race. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a beginner, this Trophy Truck is the key to victory. Unleash your creativity, assemble it, and prepare to leave your competition in the dust!

Please Note:  This is a rough-cut body.  Final sanding will be needed.

In stock

Wheel Base *

Important Decision. Check your rules!

3D Printed Truck Accessory Kit *

3d parts to add your own flair to your Trophy Truck

Drilled Rear Camber

Drill rear 3 degrees for straight (non adjustable) camber

Weight *

Type of Canopy

polish level

Axle Polish Level

Ceramic Coating

Would you like the axle surface sealed with a ceramic coating to reduce friction and increase efficiency

Super Tuner™ Axles – machined flat head slot in axle head

How will you adjust your axles?

Steering *

1.5 degree Steering Axle if not using cambered axles.

Camber Axles

Run your Car on Camber Wheels with bent axles?

wheels *

Type of Wheels

Wheel Polish Kit / Service

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