Pinewood Derby Complete Car Kits — Canopy #8


Derby Dust® tech’s utilize 7 Steps in making fast pinewood derby car kits.  Our car kits include a pre-cut car body, weight, prepared wheels, polished axles, and lube. Just complete the car kit, install the wheels and axles, lube it, and race.

Pinewood Derby Car Body – Canopy #8 is a variation of our ultra light pinewood derby bodies that utilize a canopy style weight.    1/4″ thickness with adjustable cog. Yes, we know the block is in the reverse position. We are offering new designs that utilize this reverse setup. We have done the major steps for you!   Take note, there is no messing around with this body. Know what you are doing, use sharp bits, drill and build slow. If an axle is tight, run the provided bit through it again.

As you can see there are a bunch of options. Please do not get overwhelmed. Each option has a paragraph explaining in detail. Simply scroll down past the options

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Wheel Base *

Important Decision. Check your rules!

Drilled Rear Camber

Drill rear 3 degrees for straight (non adjustable) camber

Weight *

Type of Canopy

polish level

Axle Polish Level

Ceramic Coating

Would you like the axle surface sealed with a ceramic coating to reduce friction and increase efficiency

Super Tuner™ Axles – machined flat head slot in axle head

How will you adjust your axles?

Steering *

1.5 degree Steering Axle if not using cambered axles.

Camber Axles

Run your Car on Camber Wheels with bent axles?

wheels *

Type of Wheels

Wheel Polish Kit / Service

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