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Build a Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheels Set according to your rules. More options will be available as we gather more requests.

These are custom built wheels made your way. We require 1 day to manufacture them.

They are custom built. Meaning they will be shipped the next business day after they are ordered. 

Ordered Monday night ships Wednesday morning. 
Ordered Tuesday day ships Wednesday night. 

No same day shipping.

On a builders note, you will need a set of pliers to pull the axles once installed for weight reduced wheels. You are paying for custom wheels. 

Make sure that you DO NOT damage them! You will bend/warp out of round. Then the wheel will not roll correctly and you just wasted $$$. 

Please don’t let this be I told you so moment.

Leave them in the Dust with Wheel Upgrade Options

Pinewood Derby Wheel Upgrade Info

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Outer Diameter * 

What is the desired outer diameter?

Wheel weight / * 

Weight of Wheel


Type Of Hub

Mold Match

Mold Match–I believe!

Wheels Polished?

Would you like your Wheel to be polished and prepped for Racing. Outer and Inner bore service

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Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheels Set

Precision Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheels Set are the speed of any derby racer and are solely responsible for the top speed of a properly tune car.

The LIGHTER the wheel.
The faster the car.

Derby Dust® Tech’s manufacture some of the industry’s best Pinewood Derby wheels and axles, maintaining a selection to fit any rule requirement.

Do you need a weight reduced wheel with factory width and diameter measurements?

We got that, and no one else does!

Using aftermarket speed wheels will save tons of time and give you a very fast car.
These are Official BSA wheels that have been trusted and balanced.
Many extra options to choose from such as polished wheel bores and coned inner hubs.

Unneeded plastic has been removed from the inside of the Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheels Set making them lighter and spin freely.
The truer and lighter the wheels the faster they will be.

Our Set includes:

Customize to your needs.  Stay Legal, know your Rules!

The rules of local events sometimes differ from those of BSA box rules.
Due to this,  it is necessary to know your rules before choosing our unique modifications for your PWD car.
Each pack’s rules will be different.
We ask before you make a purchase, please check your local rules.

If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need.

Derby Dust® Wheels

Pinewood Derby Car Speed Wheels Set are separated by mold numbers and then hand sorted based on quality.

We then CNC wheels with flood coolant to ensure that we keep the temperature of the plastic low and to prevent buildup of material that will leave machining imperfections.
The key use of cutting with coolant is to ensure that we keep a true round wheel that will not warp because of the machining process.
After all, we are machining the wall of the wheel to just thousands of an inch on some wheel sets.

Lots of wheel and axle options to choose from.  Use these links below to learn more

Customers choose custom parts according to their pack rules such as:

Leave them in the Dust with Wheel Upgrade Options

Pinewood Derby Wheel Upgrade Info

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