Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – ProStock With Coned Hub


Pinewood Derby Speed Wheel Asset is a winner winner chicken dinner for some time now.  After a few years with the 2009 mold,  we saw a set of new rules forming nation wide.  We looked over those rules and decided to bring together a few modifications we thought will give an advantage but still be within written rules.  Asset Wheel Brand was born.

  • Coned 1 step outer bore
  • Flawless inner bore
  • Machined lathed true outer diameter
  • Mold Match

We took the concept of a trued wheel, mated it with a coned hub that retained the outer 1 step hub, then used wheels with flawless bores.   We are the first and only vendor to provide wheels presorted for flawless bores.

Other Options Include:

  • Polished Inner Bores
  • Mold Match Wheel Set

Leave them in the Dust with Wheel Upgrade Options


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Polishing Service

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