Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels – ProStock With Coned Hub


Pinewood Derby Speed Wheel Asset is a winner winner chicken dinner for some time now.  After a few years with the 2009 mold,  we saw a set of new rules forming nation wide.  We looked over those rules and decided to bring together a few modifications we thought will give an advantage but still be within written rules.  Asset Wheel Brand was born.

  • Coned 1 step outer bore
  • Flawless inner bore
  • Machined lathed true outer diameter
  • Mold Match

We took the concept of a trued wheel, mated it with a coned hub that retained the outer 1 step hub, then used wheels with flawless bores.   We are the first and only vendor to provide wheels presorted for flawless bores.

Other Options Include:

  • Polished Inner Bores
  • Mold Match Wheel Set

Leave them in the Dust with Wheel Upgrade Options


In stock

Polishing Service

Would you like your Wheels Polished and Prepped? Selecting this may delay shipping 24 hours due to full queue for polishing. Only so much I can polish in a business day.

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