Pinewood Derby Axle Install and Wheel Remover

I always wanted a Pinewood Axle Install Wheel Remover too that I could control. I have tried different ways of machining things in the past. Ideas come and go. Then the 3d printer came along and I made exactly what I needed. An axle install that is small enough to hold and manipulate with my fingers, easy enough to push with my thumb, strong enough to not break, gauged to set the axle at a center depth to always have a good gap for tuning.

And…. If I messed up, wedge the tool between the body and wheel so that it completely covers the wheel so that you can pull on it to extract the wheel without causing any additional harm to the wheel.  Even the 1 gram! Simple clean design. Easy to use!  Place the flat side on the wheels edge.  Slide until you hear the hub click into the recess, then pull the whole tool out to remove the wheel without any deflection or unnecessary stress.

Check out our Builder’s Kit for bundled tool kit


How to Install pinewood Axles using Axle Install Wheel Remover

  • predrill your pinewood axle holes with one of our specialty jigs.
  • place axle inside wheel bore without scratching inner bore
  • place pinewood axle tip inside drilled hole
  • press axle head with the top angled portion of the tool
  • press tool until flush against wheel, the tool will automatically gap the axle head away from the wheel

How to REMOVE pinewood wheel using wheel remover tool

  • place flat edge against the pinewood wheel (angled side goes towards body)
  • advance tool towards center of derby wheel until you feel and hear a “click” which is the wheel hub setting in the recess portion of the tool
  • gently pull the wheel out ensuring the tool always remains against the entire wheel.  This ensures even pressure applied on the wheel hub and wheel edge which will eliminate any deflection of the wheel.