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Pinewood Derby Speed Axles

Derby Dust® store offers a vast range of derby parts for a substantial performance upgrade. If you’re a PWD enthusiast and want to boost your chances to win the next race, you won’t be able to achieve your desired results without adequately prepped Pinewood Derby Speed Axles.

Derby Dust Axles are tracked ran with evidence based results made here in the United States with BSA parts.   Anyone that claims they have “valid” track data is a lie because there is so much more variables involved than just axles.  How about how much lube is on the wheel from race to race?  How was it staged from race to race.  Is it still aligned the same?  So many minute variables that will change results.  Only when you can isolate the speed axle with no other variable can it be accurate results.  Only then can it be considered a valid experiment.  Anything else is snake oil.

What are Pinewood Derby Speed Axles?

Pinewood derby axles do not make speed.  You do not gain more energy to make your car faster.  What they do is reduce friction.  Therefore, you should view it as they do not “slow” the car down.  Axles allow more energy to be used to push the car down the track when properly prepared.

Final overall goal for axles should be to give the PWD wheel a surface to spin on with the least amount of friction.  Attention to polish, amount of axle that touches the wheel, and lube will help produce a fast Pinewood Derby car.  Just remember axles are only one part of the other factors needed for making a fast pinewood derby car.

Trued and polished BSA speed axles have won thousands of races and will continue to do so for many years to come.  When pared with the correct lube, adjusted for proper alignment, they are near impossible to beat.  DIY or have us do the work for you.  Stay legal.  Check your rules before buying aftermarket products.

Derby Dust Speed axles for pinewood derby

A well-balanced car is one of the first requirements to be met for the most demanding racing circuits. Pimp your ride with our pinewood derby car speed axles, which are thought out down to the last detail. The overriding aim of Derby Dust® accessories is to contribute to speed while allowing you to join the Cub Scouts winner’s circle.

Our fast speed axle selection features the best winning axles available for your racer, CNC machined from official BSA kit parts by Derby Dust® locally in Texas.  Derby Dust has designed our very own 9 stage polishing machine to ensure that every single axle that leaves is as precise as we can make it.  We do our best for you.

We also offer OEM aftermarket axles from Derby Worx® that go beyond what we can manufacture in house.   If you are looking for even more speed from your racer where rules allow any nail type axle, check out the precision fit Stainless Steel Viper and Javelin’s or the Titanium Titan axles.  These have raised the bar, eliminated the wobble, reduced the surface friction, and break records! Silly how fast these axles can make your car.

How Do We Ensure Flawless Performance?

While participating in PWD racing events, you have to be confident in reliability of your car parts. At our store, you can find race-inspired accessories of various types. Paired with our pinewood derby wheels and axles, your car will get a tremendous boost owing to:

  • CNC lathed axles to ensure they will always have consistent profiles.
  • Round, straight axles without burrs or ridges. High-quality shafts along with shaped axle heads ensure exceptional wheel stability.
  • Unmatched CNC axle polishing. When opting for a pinewood derby axle kit, racers can additionally select the grit level, dry or oil lubes, and Krytox sealing. Keep in mind that even minor scratches on a shaft may lead to an improper wheel rotation. As a result, undesired friction will slow down your roll.

Other Tools for Cub Scouts

Accurate alignment of pinewood derby car axles plays a pivotal role when building a race winner. In such a case, special mounting blocks may come in handy. If you face any problems with axle insertion into an extended wheelbase slot, it is recommended to use our helpers. At Derby Dust® store, you are provided with pinewood derby axle tools for more precise adjustment. Moreover, these instruments are designed to achieve the proper distance between a body and wheel hubs while eliminating constant friction as well as damage to your pinewood derby body.

Rules Compliance Is the First Step Towards a Well-Deserved Win

Derby Dust® offers the range of PWD car parts and tools, which meet BSA requirements. Given the fact that racing specifications of each individual Cub Scout Pack may vary, you can choose additional modifications of kits or untick included ones. Thus, it is up to you to have your wheels sanded, or outer hubs modified.

We provide Cub Scouts with room for improvement, creativity, and breakneck speed. Upgrade your car with no limits and leave other racers in the dust.

  • Tool kit is designed for beginners / novice that will not break the bank. Simple build techniques. More advanced builders will benefit from our more advanced tool kits such as our Pinewood Derby Master Tool Pack. You will not find these tools anywhere but from Derby Dust.
    • 0 Degree guide for BSA SLOTS ONLY
    • #44 Drill bit
    • Mini Center of Gravity Mass Balance
    • Wheel insertion / Removal tool
    • Barrette File - Fine Cut for axle burr removal
    • Wet Sand Paper 400-10,000 grit
    • Derby Worx Wheel Mandrel
  • Get the most popular tools for official Cub Scout pinewood derby kits in one bundle and save! Our Basic Tool Pack includes the following tools: This tool pack will meet most of the needs in building your derby cars fro the years to come.  Drill axle slots to ensure straight alignment and avoid slot damage.  Straighten axles.  Clean up the awful wheel hubs using the hub shaver to get you into the winner's circle.
  • Pinewood Derby car tools are a must-have for every racer. This is all the tools for the DIY dad. There is nothing left. This will cover all aspects of a build. When time is not on your side, the right tool will get the job done fast and correctly on the first try. Our pinewood master pack covers all the parts of a pinewood derby build. Whether you're working with a pre-made car kit or starting from scratch with a basic pinewood block,  Derby Worx's patent specialty tooling is the right tool for the job. Quality counts, and Bill stand's behind his products.

    Master Pack Contains:

    Scroll Down to learn more
  • Derby Dust® tech's offer the Pinewood Rail Riding Axles Bent  that is ready for your champion build.
    • Trued, straighten axles
    • Highly polished axles to your choice polished with the industry's only cnc polishing machine.
    • Ready for graphite or oil racing
    • Available with adjusting slots machined in the head of the axle for adjustments
    • Bent with Derby Worx Pro Axle Builder
    • Custom Rail Riding configurations:  Straight, 1 degree, 1.5 degree, 2.5 degree
    This combo when properly installed will give you the edge needed to get you into the winner's circle.  Rail Riding works if the car is adjusted properly.  And it helps if your track sections match perfectly when it is assembled. You must use a tuning board to adjust them correctly. This listing is for axles (4x) prepared with the options you choose.  It is a service.
  • Pinewood Derby Fast Winning Speed Axle Wheel Combo Set

    Utilizing proprietary straightening, CNC machining and polishing techniques we consistently produce the highest quality Pinewood Derby Fast Winning Speed Axle Wheel Combo Sets. Our feedback speaks for itself. After many machining hours, we continue to be relentlessly committed in our pursuit of perfecting our technique.

    Our Set includes:

    Regardless of the axle type, the most important step is to have an extremely polished axle shaft that is well lubricated. There are many other factors that make for a fast Pinewood Derby car. The best pinewood derby axles in the world won’t help if those other factors are not addressed. Derby Dust® also offers pre-prepared aftermarket BSA pinewood derby speed wheels. We offer wheels machined by us in house using our CNC lathes. We also offer the Derby Worx® line of aftermarket wheels. Both are excellent choices when looking at wheel upgrades. Make sure that you understand what axle and wheel modifications are permitted by your pack rules. There are MANY MANY OPTIONS.  Scroll past the options selection to learn more about each option.
  • Ready to race pinewood derby axle set sure to get you the advantage of the next guy. We took the guesswork away. This is our best selling set.  100% compliant 99.9% of the time.  Designed for Graphite Dry Lube Our Pinewood Derby Speed Axle Wheel Set Graphite Dry Lube includes: Scroll down to learn more:
  • Derby Dust® Axles

    Computer Numeric Controlled machines prepare our Pinewood Derby Fast Winning Speed Axle Wheel Combo Set axle line with minimal surface removal to ensure consistent diameters throughout the shaft.  Tapered axle heads to reduce surface friction.  Wet sanded, then diamond polished.  Derby Dust® reduces friction through precision polishing.  No cheating with polished waxes that could easily become brittle and break off! This is a real metal polish job.  We use a few fancy machines and then good old hands on skilled AMERICAN labor.  We polish them on our very own CNC polishing machine that utilizes 9 different wheels with 5 levels of polishing pastes. Each axle is individually inspected by two separate personnel to ensure the HIGHEST QUALITY.  Be confident we get it RIGHT the FIRST time. A set of 4x ready to race axles. Scroll down past the options to read more info about all the options.
  • Listing for Single Bent Axle x1
    • Pinewood Derby Bent Steering Axle - BSA
    • 1.5 or 2.5 degree bend at polish level of your choice
    • Add Super Tuner Upgrade for tuning without pliers. Check you local pack rules!
    Scroll below the options to learn more about each option.
  • This axle starts life as an official B.S.A. Pinewood Derby axle. It is C.N.C. machined true and round, Derby Worx then adds 2 grooves (1 large main groove and 1 small groove behind the axle head) to reduce friction and hold graphite then head is back-cut for further friction reduction at the hub face on the wheel.   Highly suggest a wet sand polish prior to racing. Pinewood Derby Grooved Speed Axle utilizes grooves to serve as lubrication reservoirs and to reduce wheel to axle contact. Options available
  • This axle starts life as an official B.S.A. Pinewood Derby axle. It is C.N.C. machined true and round, Derby Worx then adds 4 grooves (1 behind the axle head and 3 in the hub contact area) to reduce friction and hold graphite then head is back-cut for further friction reduction at the hub face on the wheel. They are semi-polished so the builder can finish it their spec. Pinewood Derby Grooved Speed Axle utilizes grooves to serve as lubrication reservoirs and to reduce wheel to axle contact. Options available
  • 24x Official BSA Axles. Not modified in any way. A great idea to purchase a few extra if you have never prepped axles before!
  • They feature an oversized .093 bearing surface for the Ultimate wheel hub to axle fitment, superior wheel stability and unmatched speed. The Main shaft is then reduced to a standard size .088 so the Javelin will work with the slots found in all brands of Pinewood Derby Kits 1 set of 4 axles   THESE ARE NOT BSA AXLES