Pinewood Derby Axle Polishing Compound


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After you have wet sanded your axles, get that mirror polish with this compound. Use a drill and provided clean t-shirts strips to bring those axles to a mirror finish. More than enough to do a dozen axles. 1 Gram of 2 micron heavy concentration diamond polish. We use it on our axles!

White T-Shirt Strips. No need to go and tear up that old t-shirt. We provided 2x strips for all your needs.

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Pinewood Derby Axle Diamond Polishing Compound Paste Prep

This the final step in bringing out that mirror shine on your prepped axles.  All veteran builders know the secret to more speed is a highly polished axle.  Our Pinewood Derby tech’s use Pinewood Derby Axle Diamond Polishing Compound paste prep when ultimate speed is needed. Wet sanding will only get you up to 3000 grit, go over and beyond our diamond paste.  Polishing the axle finish to a mirror shine.  Using a high grade diamond polishing lapping compound will take off those milliseconds needed for your win.

When it comes to removing scratches and polishing the surfaces of all types of materials, diamond paste is one of the most effective polishes to use. Our paste contains millions of microscopic diamond particles that work to scrub and smooth the surface.  Additionally, this paste is easier to use than sandpaper or other polishing tools.  The fine diamond powder within the compound is abrasive and gently sands the surface of an object.

Benefits of Diamond Paste

One of the biggest benefits of diamond paste is that it can polish surfaces of all shapes and sizes. Its fluid composition can polish hard-to-reach surfaces to leave a smooth and even finish all over. Because of its fine consistency, the paste helps to smooth away all scratches to leave a shining surface.

How to Use Pinewood Derby Axle Polishing Compound

This will be applied with a cotton cloth and or string.

  1. Insert an axle into the chuck of the tool, and start the drill.
  2. Apply a small dab of polish to a clean, soft cotton shirt or string.
  3. Apply the polish to the axle for about 15 seconds. Make sure to polish the portion of the shaft on which the wheel will spin, and polish the underside of the axle head.
  4. Buff off the residue with a clean part of the rag until no more black residue comes off the axle.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each axle.

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